Sunday, January 20, 2008

royal flatuence

That She-Man with the Monstrous Thighs “won” the Nevada caucus just like Algore “won” the presidency in 2000 – more popular votes, less delegates. Good job, ThaSMoT!

A couple of interesting quotes concerning Norway’s socialized health-care system: “Norwegians have complained for years over the long waiting lists they face for care at local hospitals. Now a new report shows that care for the elderly is far from sufficient in what's widely billed as one of the world's wealthiest countries.

“A survey of 80,000 elderly persons living in 162 Norwegian townships indicated that only those with the most serious medical ailments and disabilities received a room in a nursing home.”

Hunh. Go figure. Even “one of the world's wealthiest countries” can’t pull it off. Maybe there’s something to this capitalist-based system afterall.

Now maybe the elderly can’t get into a nursing home, but a dude that lived in a cave and garbage dump and won’t bathe can. What a great country!

You know that line about farting in front of the Queen? Like it’s a bad thing? Seems the Norwegian royal family rents itself out to read erotic fairy tales at company parties. Norway is such an interesting country!

So it seems that when silicon electrodes go on steroids when lithium is added and bulk up about four times. Then, like Giambi after he got scared of losing his big contracts, they deflate about the same when power is extracted. This expansion and contraction, it seems, makes for a pretty shitty battery – it just stops working before it leaves the factory. Now the idea is to work on a smaller scale – do it on nanotech and limit the thickness of the silicon to one thousandth of a hair. The expansion still occurs, but survives the cycles. The upshot is that silicon holds charge ten times better than carbon. Laptops would run 40 hours. I think I got all this right, if not read it yourself. I won’t be offended. Fuck you for doubting me.

Remember Mount St. Helens? Before and after shots.

Remember that dude name Harry Truman that refused to leave his cabin on the side of the mountain? I think he was in what is now the cleavage. I doubt there’s even DNA left.

This is interesting. A site with several lists to hook you up with free short- and long-term housing. One of the sample ads here reads, “HOUSE GUEST(S) wanted to occupy a mountain cottage(s). Full time. Located in the foothills, one hour from Sacramento. Bottom of canyon. Four miles from freeway. You can fish off the porch. Keep all gold found in the river. Must love outdoors, remoteness. Pets permitted. References required. No job. No addictions. Please leave a message.” $30 a year to subscribe – about 200 ads an issue. Great way to disappear.

Want to talk to the dead? Here’s your guidebook. Let me know how it works out for you.

Gotta run …

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