Saturday, February 9, 2008

i wasn't angry when i started to write ...

In a post entitled, Pravda, tagged Humor, and offered up on 2/8/8, one of my daily blog reads relays a line I will find useful at some time in the future. To wit:

It's been reported that proud Soviet automakers challenged their American counterparts to a competition at the Brussels World's Fair in 1958.

A Swiss engineer made an exhaustive comparison of a Soviet and an American car, and he favored the American.

After an awkward pause, the Soviet press reported that "in a recent international auto competition, the Russian car placed second and the American car was next to last."

White snow flaked
Onto the humped-over dog
She shivered
As her canine colon
Released its brown mass.
The accumulated snow
Caressed its steamy gift.

Interesting video of a six-gill shark at 3,300 feet. Massive. I muted the sound – people narrating live video allows annoy me.

If you follow this link after being told what it is, then you need to seriously review your life. The intro screen explains it … seems it is a staring game like we did as kids. The woman on the screen will eventually blink. Go for it, loser. And if you lose but keep on trying or seem to enjoy winning a bit too much, go here.

This thing called fuzzmail looks like it could fun. It records your typing an e – including pauses, adds, changes, deletes, etc., and then sends a link to the receiver of your e so they can read the e as you typed it. A little thought can result in something rather humorous.

Alright, enough about them – what about me? Trying to change banks so I can begin to control what little money I seem to have left. Because I never got one reissued, I need a new driver’s license because I moved a couple of years ago. The local DMV does DLs on Thursdays. One day. That’s it. I will not give up. Tired of money not being available when I know damn well it should be.

I have four trips in the next 5 or 6 weeks, Virginia and Connecticut twice each. Boston needs to fit in there, too. Just underscores that I need to get my finances baselined and under my sole control.

I ended a major project on Friday by releasing for review 19 applications at an average of 150 pages each. I am still staring ten miles away after the dry-heave stage of those docs finally ended. Took me five weeks at hyper speed to generate them.

WT PIAPS is all in a huff about MSNBC saying they “pimped out” Webster Hubbell’s daughter. Well, she was pimped out. She was calling super delegates and saying, “you are not voting for Senator Clinton, you are voting for my mom.” How pathetic. Young lady, your mom’s job description is basically domestic and emotional. The President of the United States is precisely the opposite. Clinton had a child making some emotional plea – yeah, pimped out. What’s the issue here?

Last political note. Obama is going to clean up today and the next few days. Listen to WT PIAPS not speak of him at all – she will down play the victories as “expected” and will shift her discussion to attacked McCain. “Expected”? Why, because of the number of blacks in those states? Because of – what, exactly? Washington State is somewhat pale, eh? I’ll tell you why they are expected. She ONLY does well in large states where she has bought her votes since the co-presidency of 1992/3-2000/1. Those states had something to offer so those were the only ones she paid any attention to. Small states were just that – small. So she ignored them. And is paying the price now.

Read an article about a dem that offered a competing health-care program with bipartisan support. To quote WT in a closed-door meeting with him, “We will crush you. You will wish you never mentioned this to me.” Hey, WT! Blow me. Arrogant bitch …

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