Sunday, March 30, 2008

quick note

OK. Compromise done. Clean. “See your butt in five years,” the doc says. “Yeah. Looking forward to it,” I reply. I thoroughly plan on having a virtual butt reaming next time. Seems reasonable to presume the tech will be better by then. And that’s my story for the next five years until proven otherwise. I am so done with this topic.

So this kid gets into an ATV accident or something. Went isoelectric. Also no cranial blood flow. The boy’s toast. Declared dead. As was he listening as they said it. Forced himself to twitch. Dang.

Good thing I read that article before my emasculation. My twin had very specific orders about what to do and how long to wait – and all the papers needed to back it up – before I went under. I don’t mind dying, but I want to be dead before they start to harvest organs. Seems like a reasonable request.

Baseball season is here: The start of the road to the World Series in October. I wonder what life will be like when that time comes. Seems so out of reach.

Mind wandering. Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose – Janis (via Kris).

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