Tuesday, April 1, 2008

betty windsor throws out the first pitch

I think Cricket is like the Queen’s Baseball. I have no idea. In fact, on this topic, I am blissfully clueless. I think they have flat bats and seem to run around bases. But teams get their asses handed to them with scores like 284 to 6. I think sometimes they score 100 points at a clip, but if that is true, why waste your time getting 6? I think games go on for days, too. I know they break for tea. It doesn’t seem that strenuous so I am unclear why they take such long breaks.

I watched this film to try to understand more, but I kept it muted because sometimes I get angry. It felt like listening to the narration would not be a good idea. So mute and watch:

Did you learn anything? Yeah, I agree, it was kinda long. But when I saw the credits mention Fleetwood Mac, I was very pleased that I kept it muted. I saw FM 3 or 4 times in the late 1970s into the 1980s. Mick Fleetwood made my skin crawl. Stevie Nicks made my pants tight. But now she looks like Mickey Rooney. Go figure. Next thing she’ll be selling Medigap Insurance.

Did you notice that the credits included a copyright claim of MMXIII? Methinks someone needs to go back to Roman Number School. Someone wrote or told me that the reason Roman numerals failed as a system was because it lacked a zero. It’s a good point, but incomplete. I think it failed because MDCCCLXXXVIII is a lot longer than 1888. Plus you have to do math to figure out the number. It’s more of an equation than a number.

I still don’t understand Cricket. And I care even less to understand it now than I did just 30 minutes ago.

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