Monday, August 25, 2008

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I am a third done with my book – 300 pages through both revision and final edit. I have two more sections to write – the descent into heroin, and the prison years. Funny thing, I’ve learned that I need to completely clear my life of major sections before I can start the next one. Almost clean, almost ready.

Working on a few other projects to earn income in the meantime. It’s not easy, but seems to squeak by. Very limited focus: keep the electricity on, food in the fridge, and most bills paid. Yeah, most but not all. Oh well – that’s life.

What prompted me to write was all the political buzz with the DNC convention starting. Can you believe that they nominated and appear ready to coronate a child? Obama has no experience. A career defined by seeking the next office. It’s embarrassing.

His connections to Ayers and the Weather Underground may be his biggest issue. Frankly, I think Obama lied, and he will pay dearly for it. He said something to the effect that Ayers was “just a guy in my neighborhood.” Hunh? They worked closely together on $100MM+ charity. Ayers and his wife babysat Obama’s kids. The connections run deep. And the radical hippies that would like those connections just are not a large enough voting block, nor are they new voters to the dem party.

I laugh as I read that Joe Biden will help carry Pennsylvania because he is from Scranton. I’m from Scranton. Never knew the guy. He has no rep in Scranton. Further, Scranton is considered by the true voting centers – Philadelphia and Pittsburgh – to be an armpit and part of New Jersey, respectively. Biden brings nothing to the ticket except a dangerous mouth.

I think the pubs win this election because McCain got the nod. He is not looked upon as a true republican. Reagan had credibility with the dems because he used to be one and had his time in the unions. McCain gets his credibility because he’s a hybrid from both parties. He needs to be careful with his VP pick. Can’t be Romney – too pub. Gotta be a hybrid of sorts. Powell, I read, came out and said he was supporting Obama. Guess those reports could have been wrong, but it would give light to the rumor that he’s on McCain’s short list.

Watching the DNC Convention this week will be interesting for two reasons. First, Herself is probably going to have her name in nomination for the VP slot. Takes 300 delegate signatures to put a name in. Word is they have 500 with no signs of slowing done. That will be a civil war. Could you imagine Biden having to step aside? The ticket will have no credibility. Bubba will get so much press that he’ll overshadow Obama completely. Talk about losing control.

The second issue is how they are dissing Bubba. Teah, he’s got a Wednesday evening talking gig. That’s good. But they told him his topic – national security. He wanted economic policy. I don’t give a damn if he wanted to talk about the best way to sift through the thousand of applications for WH interns – the dude was your president for eight years! No one give Carter any statesman-like respect, nor does he deserve it. He’s as close to a traitor as any previous president has ever ventured – hell, even non-presidents. The boy is trouble (and Teddy is the one with the diagnosed brain tumor – go figure). Before Bubba and Carter, the only dem presidents are all, well, long dead.

So Bubba IS your statesman. Yeah, ok, I know that sucks. But he is! And he can fire up troops. He can get people to drink the Kool-Aid. You have two choices – give him everything or nothing. Trust him to ultimately do what is right or take him behind the woodshed. But do not, Obama, do any half measures like give him a topic like he’s a senior in college. Are you truly that naïve? It is just painful to watch you.

You see those reports about George Obama, resident of Kenya, half brother of Brack, who lives in US$12 a year in a shack? I paid little attention when I first saw the reports. It’s not much different than finding any other obscure and embarrassing fact. Never mind that Obama made US$4MM last year. But today I learned something interesting. Changed my mind. Obama has met his half brother twice. Never helped the dude. A shack. US$1 a month budget. Nothing. What a self-absorbed prick.

I may start blogging more regularly. Not sure. Politics always gets me going.

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