Wednesday, August 27, 2008


hillary was pretty funny last night in color choice of pantsuit. yeah, ok, i know the orange was meant to contrast sharply with the blue background so that she stood out. but, come on, don't you think it was a play on escaped convict/horny husband for bubba's delight? did you see that smuck mouthing "i love you" several times off-camera to ensure his gesture got picked up? god, he makes me vomit.

so bubba speaks tonight and then leaves town before obama is coronated. did you see the greek columns he is using as a backdrop? laugh my ass off. the boy is just clueless. he was laughed at for his berlin speech. george will wrote correctly that he didn't earn that forum yet. and now he is doing another "how great art me" bit. whew. just a clueless pup.

anyway. what else is going on? working with this mediation company that is growing. lots of coordination and low-hanging fruit right now - initial forms, website issues. still learning the client in-take bit. seems to be working. the owners are nice people. seem to work hard. seem to have taken me in disproportionately to any distance i have earned. interesting ride.

my latest craving is "big cheez-it"s. i thought "big" meant a bigger box. well, that, too, but the crackers are also bigger. they are so bad for me. i can feel the sodium hit my system after just a few. nasty. can't stop. good thing my blood pressure starts out low.

concrete versus abstract people. the former need specific directions; the latter get cranky if you tell them too much. yeah, i love making people cranky.

i talked to my old boss today. he's president of a college now. kinda caretaker position for several months. nice guy. always was good to me. quietly inspired me to produce a lot of work. too bad we don't work together anymore. i wouldn't be surprised if someday we did again. i would never instigate it, but i truly believe he would. not many bosses keep in touch as he has. i am not inclined to move. have some very dear reasons, well, one very dear reason, to stay where i am. we'll see.

what kind of name is "cheez-it" anyway? "it" what? it cheese? cheez-ette too long? ok, cheez-et. -it? these fucking things make my teeth itch. flashback. college. puking cheez-its. ok. i'm done. box away. nasty.

i have seven loads of laundry surrounding me. should get a few done today. rest tomorrow.

maid duty calls ...

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