Friday, September 12, 2008

credit where it is due

There's this telemarketing outfit named Contact America. Started calling me about a month or two ago.

First call - "No, thank you. Please remove me from your calling list." Polite response. Said s/he would do that.

Second call - "Um, I asked you people last week. Would you puh-please remove me?" Another polite response. Apologized for call. Said it was probably just a delay in getting the records up to date.

Starting last week, I was getting a call a day - but every call had no one on the other end.

Couple days ago, I got on their site and sent a comment. Explained that I asked, please stop, next step formal complaints to feds and state.

Got an e-mail yesterday - I was just cc'd. From Contact America to five people in house: "Will someone please follow up on this. Make sure if he is not on our DNC list that his name is added to it immediately. We may want to do a call history please. Let me know when this is done. Thanks."

Got 3 e's today as it wound it's way through their system. Always a cc. Last one read: "ADDED."

They responded. Very cool.

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