Friday, September 12, 2008

class is in

Alright boys and girls, I had a past student leave a few comments. Youngens and their blind adherence to Obama's kool-aid. Where did I go wrong? How did I fail to cultivate their young minds? Now my hits show a few more searches and locales that suggest to me that the clique is still intact. It is to laugh.

Obama? Really? You must be joking, right? Aren't you guys working? Do this for me - go get a paycheck stub. I'll wait.

Got it? Good. Look up the line that shows how much your federal income tax deduction is. Oh wait! Before you do that - go get a calculator or open the one in Windows. Take the amount that reads "net pay" and divide it into the amount of "gross pay." What'd you get? 75% or so? Several points higher than that and you need a new job - several points lower, well, good - you must have learned something.

Let's presume 75%. That means that when you go to work, the first two hours are owned by someone else. Those other owners are several stakeholders.

First, the federal government. The feds take income tax. This is a general deduction to protect your sorry ass from terrorists. See Medicare? This is but a small taste of what you will see if the government socializes medicine (more on that in a bit!). See FICA? That’s Social Security. It’s this system, you see, that is really an interesting Ponzi Game. The government takes 7%+ from you and the same amount from your boss. They then spend it – literally. Never was anything called a lock box. Well, there is – but the only thing in it is IOUs and dust. But here’s the real issue – boy, this yanks my chain. You get your SSI checks when you’re old. But if you die before you get anything, then give you about $300 – and that’s it. It’s like a consolation prize. And if you are lucky enough to get a normal distribution, the return on the monies you paid in comes out to about 1%. Yeah – makes a CD look good.

This is where the “privatization” argument comes in. Think it’s bad? Come on, research! Didn’t I teach you anything? Utility stocks, mutual funds – several point return a year every year. And you die at age 50? Instead of $300, you get it all! Why the bad press? Because liberals hate it. Why? Because the cash cow right now flows into and is spent by the federal government. The money would never get to them! It stays with us!

State income tax – about few points gone.

Health insurance contribution – how much? $100 bucks a paycheck or thereabouts? Try buying it privately - $1,300 for a family. Lots more. Oh, but we can single-source it! Really? One-seventh of the US economy run by the government in one fell swoop? Read the SSI bit above – they suck at it! Oh, but the children, we need to insure the children! They are. State programs already provide insurance for every kid. Free. And the coverage uses the existing private healthcare system. How many hundreds of thousands of people are employed in the insurance industry – all without work so the government can run it “better”? Cut me a break.

Bambi is going to force every employer to provide health insurance or pay a penalty so the government can provide it. The penalty will either be the same as the cost if the employer got it – which means he would higher fewer people – or less – which means he will not provide any health insurance to any of his employees. Cheaper not to. He doesn’t provide it and the insurance industry collapses. One-seventh of the economy tossed into a tailspin. Foolish.

Look at quality of care. Lots of docs do not take Medicare patients because the government pays too little for the service. Think it will get better if they run everything? No. Look at the UK system. An article I read the other day – it was 10% or 20% of the patients with colon cancer were treatable at time of diagnosis, but were not treatable at the time of service because of the waiting lists. You want a waiting list? People “too sick” are not treated.

We have the best healthcare system in the world. Where do the Oil Arabs go for healthcare? Here. Why? Because they can afford anywhere in the world, so they go to the best.

What else is The Dalibama going to do? Talk to adverse world leaders without preconditions? That is so funny. Where’s the teleprompter, eh? He’s going to convince them to be nice? How childish is that? Try this: Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms should be a convenience store, not a government agency. Putin recognizes strength only. Iran, NK, Communist China – strength only. They don’t invade us or our interests because they know we are the big dog. They got away with a lot with Clinton because he was a wuss. Too busy getting his dick sucked to keep us from harm. I knew personally a Secret Service agent on his watch. She watched daily videotape of OBL at training camps. That is all she was allowed to do. Clinton would not authorize action. Thanks, pal.

The world is a dangerous place. Obama has no record of achieving anything. No record of standing up against any adversary. Hell, he’s choking against Palin. Obama is out of his league, and I am not risking the future of my children on a neophyte.

Oh yeah, that 25% of your check taken now? Economists crank it to about 40% under Obama. Good luck, particularly since you will see nothing in return for it - except maybe being laid off because of the increased cost of doing business.

Now, I got a comment from one of you. Let’s look at it. Your comments in italics

What is your definition of independent action? I have to state, I believe there is not one politician who can fit into the category of having a record of independent action. Politics makes strange bedfellows. True, but look at McCain’s record. Don’t buy this garbage of “with W 90% of the time.” You know how many of those votes were unanimous votes of the Senate? McCain has 20+ years military, 20+ years in the Senate. He has legislation in his name backed primarily by Republicans, backed primarily by Democrats, and backed primarily by both parties. Frankly, I don’t think he is conservative enough.

It has been noted John McCain will go into a senior rage when an issue is presented he cannot control. Is that the type of emotion you want in your president. Never believe everything you read. This has never been documented – the purely of rumor. Also, it HAS been documented that Clinton flew into rages. Also, Bambi says he loves guns in Pennsylvania, then goes to San Francisco and dumps on the Pennsylvania folks are clinging to their guns. Two-faced whore – whatever gets him through the night. Not interested.

As for change, John McCain has adopted the same mantra. What happened to his straight talk express? Heaven forbid a president has the capacity to change his mind when presented with factual intelligence and advert the countless loss of life occurring out of a made up war. Countless? There’s a number. Come on, you’re drifting here. Focus. “Made-up” war? Ever see what Saddam was doing? Ever see the foreign oil we NEED because the Dems have prevented us from domestic exploration? We need a presence there. No choice. We would be ground to a halt without it. No jobs, no food. Get real. This is the world we are talking about. And who “made up” what? It was Clinton’s people that gathered the intelligence. Jeez …

I have to give it to McCain. He is staying true to form with his selection of his running mate, Sarah Palin. She looks better than the old farts he could have picked. His other picks resembled old car wrecks. So she is young and fresh and new, wait a minute; it is the same with his current wife. His ex-wife was old and in a car accident and he left her. His new wife was young, and fresh, and new...what a guy. True to form. What head is he thinking with? Wow, a personal attack. No substance, granted, but a nice bitchslap.

If you are discounting McCain, in part, based upon his marital record which is incomplete in the public record, I mean, wow … really? What do you want? A Christian minister with no blemishes? Good luck with that. Let me know how it works out for you.

Your serve …

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