Wednesday, September 24, 2008


And in this corner, the Champion, hailing from the Great State of Arizona, weighing in at 20 years in the Senate preceded by 22 years in the United States Military, 5 of which were in captivity, calls for a delay in the presidential debate to focus on the economic package. “This package must be finished before the markets open on Monday,” he says. “I ask the president to call a leadership meeting of both houses, and include both me and Sen. Obama.”

And hailing from the ivy-lined walls of Harvard by way of Chicago, with 4 years in the Senate and 3 years walking the streets of Chicago looking for housing code violations, the Challenger says, “um, no,” this declaration coming on the heels of his previous statement that McCain was “panicked” over the situation, and shortly thereafter contradicted himself by referring to the cost of the bailout as “staggering”. “We can do both,” his campaign aide said with a swish-sway of his skirt. “Senator Obama will go to Washington if it will help,” he further intoned.

This direct face-off can only have one winner.

The more the Democrats seek to sink the Good Ship W through playing up the depth of this crisis, the more the Challenger will look out of touch for his reticence to engage. If the Challenger is seen as an outsider to the solution process then the greater the victory to the Champion.

If the situation is downplayed and emergency legislation is not passed, the credit markets in this country could seize up like a Lithuanian on a pure lard diet. The absence of credit is what brought on the Great Depression. If that begins to unfold, then the Challenger will be seen as not understanding a crisis when it stood right in front of him.

And now, will you all please stand and remove your hats as the USS W pulls into port for a 9:00PM speech to the nation.

UPDATE: A girl shouts from the audience, “No, Mac! Don’t come back!” Security quickly responds and drags her kicking and screaming out of the auditorium.

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