Tuesday, September 9, 2008

obama cannot stand the heat

I've read several things spoken by Obama recently and thought - "This boy is losing it. He cannot take criticism"

If you notice, his ads are mostly rebuttals. Rarely original. He spends his money rebutting what McCain said in an ad. It's embarassing.

His speeches, Biben's speeches - all just throwing mud. And the issue is this: McCain says, "I disagree with his policy because ..."; Obama, et al., just insults back. "They are lying" I have read several times today.

I am truly speechless at the depravity of this punk.

Remember when he was in Israel and said something about the "two-Jerusalem" solution? He was using diplomatic code for supporting the division of Jerusalem. He said the next day that he did not support a division, and wasn't aware of the code language. OK. A child, but OK. But references and words are important, and carry much in terms of secondary meaning.

And adding words or using specific words is also conveyed as secondary meanings. Remember Hillary was excortiated when asked if Obama was a Muslem and she responded, "He's not a Muslem as far as I know." That emphasis added bit was viraled 'round the net as a slam against Obama.

So this is how low Obama is going. Remember Palin ad-libbed at the RNCC and said, "You know the difference between a Hockey Mom and pit bull? Lipstick." It was humorous at the time. Added to her speech. (I was actually afraid she was going to "between a hockey mom and a soccer mom? fewer teeth.")

Catch Obama's rejoinder.

Amie Parnes provides quotes from Lebanon, Virginia, at an Obama speech - spoken by Obama: "You can put lipstick on a pig," he said as the crowd cheered. "It's still a pig."

There is no "Oh, I didn't realize" or "Oh, I didn't mean that" around this thing.

The intent is very clear. Lipstick is a word associated purely with Palin through her sppech ad-lib. That is how politics works.

The POS from Chicago just called his opponent's running mate a pig. he has no class whatsoever.

And why is he spending so much time running against his opponent's running mate? WTF, O?

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