Sunday, September 28, 2008

the obama private diary, installment 2

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Onto some more extracts …

March 5, 2008. The Prisoner took Texas yesterday. Looks like he’s got the Grand Old Pricks nomination. Praise Allah, I hope he picks Huckabee for the scrub player. I can’t stand Romney – reminds me of Biden. It’s like the two were separated at birth. Couple of funeral directors. Romney has nice teeth, though. I’ll give him that.

I heard The Prisoner ain’t gotta clue about using e-mail or a computer. I gots to make a note of that – could be a good ad later on. Man, I sure hope it’s him. I’ll have a field day with the women vote. “You wanna elect the poster boy for Viagra, or have what they are all trying to be?” Hunh … what if Hillary runs with him? Naw, she ain’t that stupid. And neither is he – it would be Vince Foster v2.0. How does dude kill himself and then have dirt in the cuffs of his pants like his body was dragged? I sure ain’t gonna pick her. No way. That’d be Dead Man Walking time. All I’ll lose is the lesbian vote anyway – not that she is one, as far as I know.

Note to self: Anonymously send The Prisoner a t-shirt. Olympic theme. “Southeast Asia War Games. Silver Medal.”

NOTE – Here we see his preoccupation with his political elders. His focus on Senator McCain’s imprisonment during the Viet Nam War results in using a moniker and deriding him with a t-shirt. It is clear that Obama is trying to distance himself from Senator McCain by claiming a higher ground, most likely on perceived moral authority. These diary words make clear that Obama is threatened by McCain. The source of the threat seems to be McCain’s war service, something that Obama cannot match with anything in his own resume.

Obama also writes of his fear of being killed by the Clintons. He mentions specific information surrounding the circumstances of Mr. Foster’s death, suggesting that he was or is preoccupied with the negative effects of doing political combat with the Clintons. This preoccupation again suggests, as we have noted in previous entries, a deep-seated paranoia and persecution complex.

His obsession with sexual prowess again surfaces. It may be useful to interview his past interns.

Of final interesting note, although he denigrates the Republican Party at large and does a drive-by on Biden, he takes time to note his admiration for Gov. Romney’s teeth. This is the first suggestion we have of a same-sex physical attraction originating within Obama. We will have to watch future diary entries to see if this tendency matures.

March 31, 2008. OK. I got this thing wrapped up. So does The Prisoner. I can’t focus on him yet. F’g Lardass won’t give up. “Everyone gets to vote! Every vote counts!” Bitch. This ain’t never gonna end. Do the math, ho! Look at the super delegates. Nobody likes you! Can’t you read? What, you hanging around in case I get shot?!? Trust me, nobody gonna tag my ass. Brothers won’t allow it. They got Martin – but that boy so dumb he plagiarized! There’s a trick to avoiding plagiarism: Don’t write nothing! That’s what I’m talking about!

Let’s me cogitate over the numbers. I’m close enough in PA (The Commonwealth of Coal Trash). I own NC, OR. Indiana should be close. This proportional allocation of delegates is so stupid. PIAPS would be kicking my butt if we used the GOP all-or-nothing approach. Not. My. Problem. There’s just no way she can beat me.

It’s actually good news that she won’t quit. I get to hang out for 8 weeks or so. The Prisoner is too f’g “honorable” to go after me until it’s official. No dick.

Ayers tells me the Annenberg situation is resolved. Now he’s gonna let it play out in public when someone actually says something. Said it’s best to push the supposed buying time to cleanse the records until then. Something about they’ll be pissing up the wrong rope – let them think the docs are actively being sanitized. Let them push hard there. When they find out that the only things cleansed were personal items – which he just got done planting – they’ll go away. Nobody’ll think to look all the back to now and discover the intensely damaging shit we really did take out. I didn’t understand most of what he said, even though I just wrote it good. I’m sure glad he’s around. He also told me he’s Rezko’s balls in a lockbox. F***, I sure hope so, PBUH. THAT dude could put both me and the Ho in prison.

NOTE – Obama’s continued disdain for Senator Clinton is palatable. His reference to “PIAPS” is telling. “PIAPS” is an acronym for “Pig in a Pantsuit,” an epitaph used only in die-hard Republican circles. The ease with which he uses the term suggests a preoccupation with reading conservative blogs, which may suggest a feeling of inadequacy and being out of control.

He shows an interesting distance from the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. His statement that Dr. King was “dumb” suggests that he feels himself to be superior to this iconic figure. He further suggests that third parties (“brothers”) can somehow protect him from a similar fate. In these entries, Obama presents a disturbing detachment from reality. One wonders if he uses a nose plug to retard the olfactory perception of his displaced fecal matter.

Of particular importance in these passages is his discussion of Ayers. Obama writes of a blind devotion to Ayers in matters that are suggested to be of critical importance to the viability of the campaign.

It seems appropriate to draw together some of the threads of the various relationships in Obama’s life. He shows open disdain for anyone that that does not have his best interests in mind: McCain, both Clintons, his wife. He feels himself to be desired by any woman that is desired by him. He blindly accepts the actions of certain people that he accepts as having his best interests in mind: thus far, just Bill Ayers. He lacks a framework to think favorably of historical figures that many could cogently argue are similarly situated to himself.

When one couples these diary entries with publicly available information – the bus tossing episodes of his grandmother and pastor – it suggests an observation that Obama has trouble with positive emotional attachment. Perhaps this is rooted in the abandonment by his natural father, who then traveled the world impregnating women on four continents.

Side note - Consider if a same-sex relationship existed or exists with Wm. Ayers.

End of Installment 2

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