Saturday, September 27, 2008

sometimes i wish ...

Sometimes I wish life were a Tom Clancy novel where we could be privy to every conversation and action. This would be fascinating. An application of the "enemy of my enemy is my friend."

Remember the Somalia Pirates (the bad guys, not the Pittsburgh Single A team) that took over a Ukrainian ship with 35 Russian tanks on it?

Check this excerpt out: As Russian and American ships pursued the hijackers of the Ukrainian-operated vessel, pirates seized another ship off Somalia's coast, an international anti-piracy group said.

We've got at least an American destroyer there. That will keep the pirates afloat until the rest of the US and Russian Navy gets there. You gotta know there's a couple-two-tree nuke subs in the theater.

Can't you see Sean Connery and Harrison Ford on scene? Whose Special Ops folks are going to board the pirate boat? Will the Russians refuse to give us enough information to safely assess the situation because there's other stuff on board?

Oh my! This must be what Chris Matthews feels like! I LIKE it!!!! It's-it's-it's dirty ...

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