Thursday, October 16, 2008

an ankle-snapping double take

National Review Online has a good article on the true state of the race. At the bottom is a link to this article.

The bottom line? The media is puffing the polls. And Obama knows he is far from the finish line.

Of course they always do this in favor of dems. And I laughed to myself when some NYT hack wrote several weeks ago that Palin had crested and was no longer new. It was as if the little boy journalist had said, “Party’s over! Everyone go home!” and everyone dutifully complied.

I am sitting Pennsylvania. Palin, John, Cindy – all here. Obama ads all over the television. Yard signs in the Philadelphia suburbs evenly split (they were all Kerry in 2004). Rural Ohio is running strong McCain – which, as the links discuss, suggest western Pennsylvania is, too.

McCain needs to ride Obama into the socialist rat hole from which he came. Three weeks of reminding people of these two points would help, as well:

From the 3d debate transcript:

McCain: Nobody likes taxes. Let's not raise anybody's taxes. OK?
Obama: Well, I don't mind paying a little more.
From the NYT, February 1993, Clinton’s promised middle-class tax cut:
In selling his economic plan, President Clinton is gambling that voters never took seriously his campaign promise to lower the tax burden of the middle class and will respond favorably to an aggressive pitch based on equal measures of hope, fear and class revenge.

"Voters never believed in the middle-class tax cut, because they have never seen anyone get a tax cut," said Mr. Clinton's chief poll taker, Stanley Greenberg. "They always believed their taxes would go up whether Bill Clinton became President or George Bush was President.
Let’s be clear about what Bill Clinton said – and you can make the comparison to Obama.

We've heard all of Obama's words before. And then Clinton said that he never worked harder in this life, but couldn't find room for a middle-class tax cut.

Are we as a nation this stupid as to fall for the same promises again? Back later - I need to vomit.


  1. Great Post, video, and links Clyde. And this was all before Mr. Clean from Ohio showed up last night with a pipe-wrench. Heh.

  2. I always had an affinity for pipe wrenches. Seems like they fix so many things.

    Thanks for the complement, Bill.