Thursday, October 16, 2008

my two cents (that's a buck two-eighty canadian)

This plumber guy in Ohio is all the rage in the press today - MSM and the real press (the latter includes blogs and the National Inquirer (the latter by default because the MSM hates them so)). Read this post carefully - there's a quiz at the end.

Obama made the classic mistake of viewing a guy who looked like he belonged in a union and presuming he was a dem vote. The dude called Obama a socialist. Obama compounded his dem-assumption error by explaining why it was OK to tax Plumber Guy out of business. Somebody should give him a case of Jack Daniels as a present (the pronoun antecedent is purposefully unclear - not sure which guy deserves the whiskey).

What is interesting is that the dem attack machine is in full swing. This, I suggest, may be most entertaining.

An October Surprise is usually some external event coming along - a factual disclosure by a third party or some world crisis, and the result is to see the aggrieved candidate with renewed clarity. The voter base goes {poof!} like a cheap special effect on The Munsters.

We may be witnessing, alternatively, an October Surprise that involves no third party. The clarity may be gained as observers see the dem leaders and co-conspirators remove their mask ala some Halloween party where the hideous monsters all wear human masks and then remove them at midnight with the result being a sight that would make the Star Wars bar scene look like a boy scout meeting in fly-over country.

When Sarah Palin entered the race, the dems tried to chew her up. People screamed foul, but others said, "She entered. It's the process." There was still a lot of resentment because of the blatant sexism, the condemnation of a working-class person - a hockey mom. But still, she tossed her hat in the ring to be VEEP. At least she didn't cry like Ed Muskie or Hillary.

Now, however, we just have a guy in a line. Just like us. Works 10 to 12 a day. Maybe can get his boss's business (dunno - the guy retiring to Florida?). And the dems are doing the full-court press to destroy him.

The press is out. Biden is out. The lib bloggers are out. The male-girls are leaving messages on conservative blogs. Every public document concerning this guy has been retrieved.

They are not touching his words - his message. They are zeroed in on destroying him personally.

All the union guys, the blue collars, the two-income families - all of them across the nation - are sitting up and watching.

"You mean you understand my plight, Mr. Obama, but when one of us speaks up and disagrees with you, you destroy us? Sorry, KnumbKnuts, we ain't drinking your Kool-Aid."

And. The. Base. Goes. {Poof!}.

Quiz. Tell me. Be honest. Two pictures. Which one represents the America you are from? The Left - Bill Ayers, or the Right - Plumber Guy?

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