Friday, October 31, 2008

API Rides Again!

Another day, another ... oh, what the hell - another API update!

I'll give this - Fox's denial read that they were not in discussions to PURCHASE the tape. API said very early, we are selling - we are GIVING it away.

We'll see.

In part:

We assure the readers that if Fox News Network does not do as stipulated in the agreement, API will breach the secrecy deal stating that - there shall be no publicity of the details in the agreement page, by any of the parties involved in the deal. If that happens, API will make public all the email correspondences and the whole agreement with Fox News Network.

If things do not go as planned between API and Fox News Network, API will ensure that the contents of the tape will be released one way or another so that the People who have believed in us will continue putting their trust on us. The release of the tape is also important for API’s credibility

So stay tuned and listen to the tape very soon

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