Monday, October 6, 2008

From Trunk Report - Weathermen Remembered

h/t Trunk Report

Know them by the company they keep. The Weathermen were domestic terrorists. Think of a serial version of Timothy McVeigh. The Weathermen were, in short, pussies. They had their agenda and were all sorts of full of themselves as redefiners of society.

Those same clowns - or sympathizers of them - make up a lot of the faculty in today's "progressive" universities. The media is comprised largely of doe-eyed children that nod their heads knowingly when discussing such historical events, having never smelled the cordite or lost someone close to them or lived in fear of being murdered because of being a part of American society. That is why I think the Weathermen were just pussies. Then and now. Simpletons. Pussies. Intellectual and emotional children.

Here's the story of one of their known pieces of collateral damage. Just all a part of what's necessary to change society, eh?

Weathermen = Pussies. I will debate anyone, anytime, anywhere on the issue.

Yo, Barack, how's Bill Ayers and his lovely wife Bernardine Dohrn doing? They still babysit your girls?

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