Wednesday, October 1, 2008

the obama private diary, installment 5

July 17, 2008. I’m going to Europe! I’m going to Europe! I’m going to Europe! I always wanted to go there. Can I drink the water? Or is that Mexico? I gotta ask. Oh yeah, have to stop and talk to the Jews first. Make my skin crawl … Gonna do the Wailing Wall. I wonder if anyone will get it if I hum “No Woman No Cry.”

I don’t get the whole wall thing. They stick notes in it to Allah. I told my people to be sure they write something good and get it to the press beforehand so they can print it. Somebody (he’s fired now) actually said, “They doesn’t quite work.” Somebody else said why – the now-ex-employee said something about sourcing (I think). My people said they’d take care of it. I said take care of that trouble-maker, too.

I love running things. It is so cool.

So Mich is not going, and the Rican in the press corps is. Gonna be a good trip.

I want French bread in France. I want to watch some fool eat Bubbles and Squeaks in England. I want to eat a real Jew bagel. How cool is all that? Wonder if I’ll have time to slip up to Lebanon and slap down some Mosque time with the brothers.

I got one problem I need to figure out. Ayers says to me, “Yeah, sounds like a problem.” Thanks an f’g lot, Billy. I’ve been getting money by the buttload from my brothers in the Middle East. All dumping straight into my campaign accounts – US$10 here, $US25 there. Thing is, they do it like 10,000 times. The money’s great, I get to count all the individual pops as “new donors.” What’s the problem, eh? I’ll tell you the problem. Stupid MOFO f’g ragheads use names like “William Good” every f’g time! Can’t they find a whole bunch of aliases? This shit be important! WTF?!? My people started cleaning up the data before it went to the FTC, but wouldn’t you know it, some now-ex-employees let some slip through. Well, kiss my black ass! I mean, the internal books show that about half my campaign money is foreign. The LAST thing I need is the FTC and Allah-hating Republicans sniffing around MY MONEY.

Gotta change my thoughts. Depressing. Oh hey! I heard a funny. You know when us dudes die we go to Paradise and get 72 virgins? Somebody says, “So, what do the women get?” You know the answer? They get their virginity back! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

This entry is interesting for the wide swings of emotions. When faced with an exciting prospect, such as a chaperoned field trip to Europe, Obama’s emotions seem to soar without control. Note the repetitive opening line. One would read such an entry without attribution and presume cogently that the author were a teenage female. Conversely, when a problem arises that his intellectual superior and familial mentor William Ayers cannot solve, Obama lashes out and reinstitutes the Bus-Tossing Syndrome we noticed in other entries.

For both of these extremes to appear in the same entry is indeed disturbing. It suggests a persona deep in the throes of an identity crisis.

Other issues arising here in more pronounced fashion than previously discussed entries is his adoption and full-throated pronunciation of his alignment with Muslims and disalignment with those of the Jewish faith. Obama goes so far as to ridicule the Israeli people for their food and religious symbols. Also disturbing is his pushback against his Muslim campaign donors for the seemingly sloppy manner in which they have been circumventing American campaign finance laws.

Interesting in this last observation is the utter lack of cognitive dissonance within Obama. He seems to enjoy the circumventing of the law by others if he can capitalize on it (access to money, claims of numerous donors), yet when the practices of those foreign donors may result in harm to his campaign he is quick to not only terminate the employment of those close to him but to use derogatory observations (“ragheads”) of his patrons. This reinforces our fear of a deep-seated and active identity crisis within Obama.

To further the clinical concern for his instability, while Obama is presently deeply torn over his identity, he is simultaneously grasping a new one. To wit: His pleasure that his wife will not be present on the trip and that his now-frequently discussed love interest, the pool reporter of Puerto Rican descent (the “Rican”) will be present.

His closure of the entry with an attempt at humor does not bode well for his on-going stability. It indicates a detachment from reality. His detachment is furthered by the claim that the campaign money is his personal money. A common result of such vivid detachment is self-harm.

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