Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Algore decreases his carbon footprint

In an effort to decrease his carbon footprint, enlarged by his mansion and yacht, Algore’s Current TV is laying off 20% of its workers.

“Blows, doesn’t it?” Algore was heard saying to workers lined up in the street wondering just where the hell their next meal would come from.

The first clue the workers may have had was when job postings came up for positions such as Newspod Preditor and Preditor. Seems if anything that ole Algore calls a journalist what it actually is. Who knew he had a sense of humor?

Perhaps another clue to the deep shithole that employed them, could have been the Sex & Love page prominently displayed. The pages opens with a video on the “Unending Orgasm,” an exploration of tantric lovemaking, and then devolves into such drivel as Euro Hot Girls.

Yes, this is the same man that was Vice President of the United States, and just an ACORN assist away from the presidency. One can only imagine where Joe Biden will be ten years from now.

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