Wednesday, November 19, 2008

O’nomics: America’s aversion therapy for liberalism.

Let’s get grounded in the science:

Aversion therapy is a form of behavior therapy in which an aversive (causing a strong feeling of dislike or disgust) stimulus is paired with an undesirable behavior in order to reduce or eliminate that behavior.

Continuing … As with other behavior therapies, aversion therapy is a treatment grounded in learning theory—one of its basic principles being that all behavior is learned and that undesirable behaviors can be unlearned under the right circumstances. Aversion therapy is an application of the branch of learning theory called classical conditioning. Within this model of learning, an undesirable behavior, such as a deviant sexual act, is matched with an unpleasant (aversive) stimulus. The unpleasant feelings or sensations become associated with that behavior, and the behavior will decrease in frequency or stop altogether.

You like to smoke? Try aversion therapy. Woof 50 or 60 cigarettes nonstop with your face in the ashtray. If you ain’t puking towards the end, it’s probably because you’re dead. How someone around to check your pulse.

You like liberalism? Elect Obama with a full dem Congress.

Hold onto your ass – we’re about to go deep into Liberal Aversion Therapy. We’ll call it what it is: Obama Economics – Socialism – O’nomics.

Decades ago, the UAW and similar organized criminal enterprises took over the auto industry. Paying workers more than they are worth is socialism. How bad has the industry got it? They won’t use the colonic irrigation tool designed into a capitalist system: They refuse to file bankruptcy. They want help paying their bills? They are blaming Wall St. for their malfeasance? Time to grow up, boys. Daddy’s all tapped out. But probably not. O’nomics supports giving them the money.

The Hope for Homeowners program is out there just reeking of O’nomics. How deep into socialism is it? You want your mortgage reconfigured to meet “your ability to pay”? The feds will own part of your house – and the appreciation on the part they take (download the specs in the link in Step 1 marked “Equity and appreciation sharing with the Federal government”).

Ted Kennedy discharged himself from the Brain Tumor and Chronic Alcoholics Clinic to work on a single massive bill to take over one-seventh of the economy through taking over healthcare. Since is it going to be based on O’nomics, we can expect small businesses to be smaller since they won’t be able to afford either giving their employees healthcare or the fines for failure to do so.

Will we pull out of this nosedive? Watch how long it takes for O’nomics to stop the shale oil authorization W just did. Ignoring, of course, that our shale oil triples the reserves of Saudi Arabia. O’nomics will kill it because of the carbon footprint.

Is capitalism still driving things? Look at the gyrations Pickens goes through on his wind farm – all based on oil prices which fluctuate based on supply and demand. Capitalism still drives things – at least in Boone’s world. But O’nomics will make up the market risk in cash, and T. Boone will whistle to the bank.

Companies no longer looking to bankruptcy when appropriate. Government owning a part of private property. Government taking over large industries. Government killing profitable businesses while funding unprofitable ones.

O’nomics will fully take over. It is America’s aversion therapy for liberalism.

My dad smoked three packs a day. I calculated it once – at 16 waking hours a day and 3 minutes per cigarette, he had 5 minutes 20 seconds in between each one. The calculation is a little bit off because he’d get up during the night to have another one or three. He never tried aversion therapy. Maybe he should have. He’s been dead 6 years.

If Obama and the dem Congress don’t cure liberals, the country will have the same fate.

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