Wednesday, November 19, 2008

top ten nfl cheerleaders

My friend, Bill Durpay at the Patriot Room did a post on TVs 10 Hottest News Anchors.

I called him a slut.

“But it’s got a news theme!” he pathetically rejoined.

You’re still a slut, I said.

Scott, from Conservatism Today, was curiously quiet during this exchange. Robert from Prepare to be Offended? Vanished. He was in the military. Knows when to avoid conflict. Smart man. I felt out numbered. I stuck to my guns.

“Look,” Bill said, “sometimes we need to break the cycle. It can get pretty intense.”

Slut, I said.

“Look at this,” he said, imploring me forward. He showed me his hits on the post.

Fine. I’ll show him. I can be, well, I can be a slut, too. Here’s the Top Ten NFL Cheerleaders. A link at the end will get you to every team.

I feel dirty ...

No. 10 is Bianca from the Jets

No. 9 is Marlina Chargers

No. 8 is Amanda from the Seahakws

No. 7 is Amanda from Denver

No. 6 is Unnamed from the Colts

No.5 is Jennie from the Bengals

No.4 is Unnamed from the Cardinals

No.3 is Lauren for the 49ers

And the final two come from the Titans, both unnamed. Here’s the link to the site.

No. 2 …

And the No. 1 Cheerleader in all of the NFL …

Here’s the link to every team’s cheerleading squad.


  1. While I can't comment on their actual cheerleading abilities, it you're going by looks alone, then I'm surprised by the number one pick. From this one picture, I wouldn't put her ahead of all nine of the others. Maybe if I saw her on TV, I'd have a different opinion.

  2. ok, i'll grant you this ... i looked at every team's site and saw video and pics. so maybe that influenced me a bit. but .. whew .. no. 1. yes.

  3. Damn, you are all a bunch of sluts and WOW does sex sell!!!!!


  4. hey diamond .. yeow, do i feel dirty! but, yes! it sells!

  5. I don't feel dirty at all - a nice view and some damn fine eye candy once in a while reminds a person that they are alive!!!!

  6. I'm partial to the back-to-back Amanda's, in case you wondered. Slut.