Sunday, November 2, 2008

Open Letter to Jewish Americans

I’m a Christian. I was raised with few absolute truths concerning the world. One of my truths, which I have held dear and steadfast every day of my life is this: The Jewish people are G-d’s Chosen People.

Anything Israel does is fine by me. You want to pave over Iran for ancillary parking on Holy Days? Let me lend you my steamroller. See that kid the Palestinian scum has standing by the rocket launcher? Unfortunate collateral damage. You did not put him there – they did. Fire away. You want to keep the security-buffer land you grabbed in the 1967 Bitch Slapping of the Arabs? Is it enough? Do you want more?

I have – and I treasure – a blind side to Israel. I am not there. I cannot see through your eyes. I don’t know the reality of exploding people and buses. I don’t know about going to the beach and having a rocket come in. Anything you think is necessary to preserve your right to exist in that land will never be questioned by me. Why do people complain about your wall and not Egypt's wall? You really don't have to ask that, do you?

You are told to negotiate with these fools? They lie. Nothing more needs to be said. They lie. Do anything you want, but I strongly urge you to tell Europe to kiss your ass – no coexistence with liars or listening to their appeasers. That is your land – in fact, your land stretches well beyond your present borders.

We are faced with choosing between a Christian and a European Appeaser for president. To me, the choice is simple. Obama is a child. Putin will chew him up. He’ll sit with the Iranians and listen to their lies. You know full well those “earthquakes” from a few weeks ago were nuclear tests. You get air samples?

You will struggle to maintain your identity for the rest of your days. You know that. Russia will be parking troops where the Palestinians have their glorified tent cities now. Maybe they will come to quell the ridiculous rousing after you take out Iran’s nuclear program. Russia will be at your doorstep. Remember that Russian pipeline you have running across your land? They’ll need to “protect” it more directly. They'll need to "keep the peace."

Europe, for all its appeasement, is simply frothing with Muslim problems. You know this well: They ask for an inch; you give them an inch; then they ask for another inch … and so on, until they have it all. European leaders don’t see that.

McCain sees it. Obama does not.

Need someone else’s opinion?

The Jerusalem Post concludes an article with the following paragraphs:

Europe has adopted a stance of appeasement toward both external threats and to Islamic minorities within. (Ironically, the US, which offers no special dispensation to Muslims, has done a far better job of integrating Muslim immigrants than European countries.) Europeans' abhorrence of any resort to military action causes them to instinctively recoil from Israel, the superior military power in the region.

Having moved beyond simplistic categories of good and evil, Europeans try to take, at best, an even-handed approach to any conflict, invariably warning, for instance, against a "cycle of violence" whenever Israel responds to attack. Obama's immediate call for "mutual restraint" after the Russian invasion of Georgia was a classic example of that tendency.

Worse, European sophistication favors whichever party can present itself as the aggrieved underdog, or serves to mask an ugly cynicism, as in the recent multibillion-dollar deals signed by Austrian and Swiss energy companies with Iran.

To the extent that Obama's likely election betokens a move toward a more European America, the special ties that have bound the people of America and Israel show signs of fraying.
What more do you need? The world is good and evil. Vote accordingly.

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