Monday, November 17, 2008

The Pattern

I’ve been holding this article for while. Seems that global warming is delaying the flowering of certain plants for a few days. Like I care.

But on a related note, these panty bunchers think sexual-orientation research is being frowned upon which results in real science lost! And talking about delayed flowering, where’s the concern about real global warming science being frowned upon and ergo lost?

W.T.F., people … pick a logical measure, will you? You want ends-oriented positions all the time, fine. Just shut up with your logical argument to pseudo-support it. It’s not just intellectually dishonest, it’s embarrassing.

You know what? I’m a big boy. I know you’re lying to me. I know that republicans get their party mentioned in the condemning article, but dems are somehow just “Rep. Jefferson.” The dude had like $70,000 in his freezer! I’m fine with it. Just. Drop. The. Holy. Than. Thou. Routine … which is rather ironic coming from G-dless libs.

Now explain something to me. Assume the following, oh flaccidious intellect. An individual is thought to have committed a crime (or ten crimes – I don’t care). People are dead either at the hands of this person or directly by their command. Further assume that when the police closed in on the individual, he took off – in hiding. But we all know that doesn’t last. Hours, weeks, years – they always show up in a white Bronco somewhere.

OK, now, it is time to face the charges. Said suspect hires an incredible legal team, and the prosecution behaves badly. Charges thrown out – not guilty – whichever you want. Point is, a competent prosecution would have nailed this clown’s ass to the prison wall. Instead, the suspect walks.

What does he do next? What do you do next? Does he play golf in Florida, and you treat him like vermin? No. He teaches at the University of Chicago, and you put him on Good Morning, America!

And you wonder why we hate you. Do you see a pattern?

“Hate” is a very strong word. I know. I chose it.

Am I upset because you all orchestrated the election of a socialist disciple to the presidency? No, not really. I know two things: G-d picks our leaders, not you asshats; and Bambi will disappoint you probably as much as he’ll disappoint me.

The boy (and that is not a racist term – it’s a reference to his youth – relax) is going to be chewed up by Putin. Bambi is Neville Chamberlain in Nikes. Yeah, I know, you agreed with Neville, too. But Churchill saved Britain. You also thought Alger Hiss was innocent. But Whittaker Chambers was right.

Do you see the pattern? Let me explain it by example to you.

You consider yourself the Beautiful People. The Enlightened. The Wise Beyond This Time That Somehow Includes Genetic Throwbacks Called Conservatives.

It’s OK. It really is. I don’t like you, either. I think you’re pathetically naïve in your analyses.

You can’t to understand what even JFK understood: Reduce taxes and take a smaller piece of a larger pie.

You think that all the government needs to do is spend more money and all of a sudden inner-city youth will work on McD’s instead of earning a month’s salary in one night selling rock.

You think one of Murtha’s racist rednecks that goes whomping on a gay man should be strung up himself – but gay men that attack churches because they didn’t like the outcome of an election is OK.

Do you see the pattern yet?

You go dumpster diving in Alaska to find anything on Sarah, but didn’t look into the Bambi … you ask about HER foreign policy background, as is HIS field trip was enough to be POTUS (she was running for VEEP, remember).


You want to know my mistake? I think everyone is intelligent. I think everyone wants to contribute. I think that everyone realizes that no single school of thought has all the answers. I assume that we are all here to make the world better.

I forget that it’s all about you.

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