Monday, November 10, 2008

Ted to Hil: Go Away Little Girl

As if Hillary hasn’t been bitch slapped enough by the party she put back into power (remember the dems had the WH for just 4 years of the previous 24), now health-care has been denied to her. She asked to be chair of a subcommittee on the topic. “No.”

And it wasn’t just “no.” It was “No, just because you ran for president doesn’t make you special.” “No, there are others here with more seniority that you.” “No, we’ve already been working on this.”

Ouch. To be honest, I’m afraid to go to some of my favorite PUMA sites – this has got to have them ready to go into full-contact mode.

Let’s see. Hillary did a lot of heavy lifting (yeah, you can read that as not always clean) on the Nixon impeachment. She pushed Bill out of Arkansas and into the national scene. She covered his ass rather ferociously when the women he banged kept on popping up. She ran her half of the WH. She took the Senate seat by storm. She had the nomination stolen from her through fraudulent caucuses. When she wasn’t campaigning for South-side Slick, she was campaigning for dem senators.

She’s played the game all these years and wants one issue: Health-care. Frankly, I don’t agree with her plans. I think a private health-care system is just fine. I think the government fills the voids just fine. Not a single child in need is without coverage in Pennsylvania – the CHIP program does them all. Adults either get Medical Access or they pay $35 a month for it (cost offset by the tobacco settlement).

But my feelings don’t matter. The dems are in power and they get to make policy for a while. So health-care gets an overhaul. It is Hillary’s issue. Always has been.

No. Go away little girl.

Did you hear that? Sounded like a nuclear bomb exploding over there – by the PUMAs ..

Hey, Hillary. Let me be direct. The dems don’t like you. Tell Bill it is time to call some chips. Triangulate these pricks – Independent Party status. Show them who actually runs that town.

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  1. This is pretty typical of todays democratic party, they have no room for the Clintons or Joe Lieberman. If I were Hillary I wouldnt worry to much though, she and Bill will figure out her path to power. They always do.