Monday, November 3, 2008

thank you democratic tribune and darwin65

I post on Real Clear Politics – the readers’ side of things. Many people do. Go here and scroll down to “Reader Articles.” You register – and you’re all set. Readers vote on your article. If you get over 10 votes you go into the archive.

I want to take this moment to thank two posters, Democratic Tribune and “darwin65” (no site, just links to news sites).

They have provided me with endless hours of amusement with their pro-Obama posts. They fall rather completely in the “Kool-Aid Kids” camp. I liken them to the propagandists of yesteryear. It really has been a pleasure.

If we don’t cross paths for another three years or so, do enjoy life in the meantime!


  1. They're the few voices of sanity on this lunatic collection of posts.

  2. i'm not sure how to take that!

  3. I'm convinced both are trolls for the campaign. They seem to have the ability to post 24/7. Part of the "Obama is inevitable" effort of the campaign, trying to supress opposing votes by creating a bandwagon effect.... Probably multiple people in the campaign have access to the logins.

    Jared A. Chambers

  4. i agree with you, jared. demtrib's info is quick - clearly a direct line.

    but i just laugh. c'mon, i am not arguing that some people can be misled and disheartened - my issue is that those fools THINK the rest of the country is that stupid.

    i can't fathom having that high an opinion of myself relative to others. just remarkable.