Tuesday, April 14, 2009


There's a whole bunch of earthquake maps here. The general description is below, followed by the map I chose. Anticipating the other natural disasters, western Maryland and parts of North Carolina are looking good.

These figures are probabilistic ground motion maps for Peak Ground Acceleration (PGA), 1Hz (1.0 second SA), and 5Hz (0.2 second SA). Some additional spectral accelerations (SA) are also included for central and southern California. Most figures correspond to the 2% in 50 year probability of exceedance, but there are a few figures for the 10% in 50 year and the 5% in 50 year probability of exceedance as well. The latter figures are identified in the listing below, or can be identified by examining the file name and looking for a “10pc50” or “5in50” (respectively). All ground motion probabilities are computed for the B/C Boundary (Vs30 = 760 m/s).

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