Thursday, April 19, 2012

so there i was ...

the local news was on in the background.  the only time such stuff is on is the morning because they devote a lot of time to the weather.  i'm a farmer at heart, coal trash by dna, and lawyer during the day.  it seems that knowing the weather is logical.  but then i get absorbed in my morning internet surf, and some trash comes on - i don't know, good morning america?  something like that.  just drivel, with that metrosexual george steph-something with no shoulders, a high-schooler's bad haircut, and the whiff of a clinton in his history.  they cut to some guy with a piece on romney's short list for veep.  totally wrong, and, it seemed, purposefully so.  7 of the 8 listed were white; only two were female.  dream on, libs.

so the past few days have been hectic.  today's calendar cleared.  i've done some prep work for cases, but can mostly tend to admin stuff at a leisurely pace.  i like it.  i rarely eat anything from getting up until dinner time.  just coffee in between for the first few hours.  then my one meal at night is all i need.  but today i ate lunch.  sitting in the apparent lap of luxury.  smirk.

i need to order my seeds for the vegetable garden.  i know.  i'm late.  but the 30x30 plot has been thoroughly beaten into shape.  i'm pleased.  one more pass this saturday, then i'll be ready.  i'm not sure what i'm most excited about ... probably the flowers in the center, although it'll be the first time i've grown corn since my dad passed away, and that was always his favorite thing.  i'll have four generations of corn - each 3 rows by 12 feet.  first should come around july 4, then every few weeks afterward.  i'm planting indeterminate tomatoes to extend the crop and not get overwhelmed when 130 pounds all mature on some late july tuesday afternoon.  the cabbage is going to be cool - gonna try to make sauerkraut.  and then i'm gonna shoot for maybe 3 kinds of pickles - bread and butter, certainly; dill probably; and then something different - maybe garlic spears ... naw, boring.  need something unique.  i'll figure it out.

is anyone out there as bored with politics as i am?  it's the same old trash talk, claims they don't trash talk.  yadda yadda fricking yadda.  i am laughing over this romney and the dog bit.  the libs go berserk, then have to defend obama eating a dog.  and then have to defend that no, it was not even legal to do so at the time he did.  just too funny.  dog.  eating a dog?  really?  i mean, who field dresses it?  who cooks the damn thing?  is it because cats are too fast or don't yield as much meat?  he - ate - a - dog.  make me yammy ...

so my youngest came back from her scoping out nashville trip.  she's level headed about it.  not jumping in.  won't go until the foundation is set.  but i believe she's going.  what an odd feeling.  a kid moving far away.  i don't care for it.  i don't like anyone i care deeply about moving far away.  makes me feel vulnerable.  don't know why.  just does.  she brought me a picture of johnny cash.  very special of her to do that.  i love it.  i have one photo of him with june.  another photo of the two i shared with another.

i guess i should get back to work ...

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