Tuesday, May 1, 2012

ending not so pretty

so one of my border collies, trean, is five.  he's had seizure issues since he was two.  we had him on meds.  he seemed fine.  he'd still get seizures about once a month, last for 20 minutes overall, and then return to reality.  about a year or more ago (i guess it was a few years - don't remember) he went into cluster seizures.  just nasty.  when we got him home, he laid there for three days.  just after midnight on the 3d or 4th day, he stood up and took a piss on the living room rug.  he slowly came back to normal over several days.  about four months, he did the same thing - cluster seizures, slow recovery, back to normal.  but each episode seemed to have taken something from him.

after the last incident, we changed his diet.  not a single seizure for four months.  we thought we found the key - perhaps a heightened sensitivity to seizures, but something we could control with removing allergins from his diet.  all seemed good. ...

need to stop writing.  just got a call from the vet.  i have to leave.  time to put my dog down.  fuck.

sometimes life sucks.

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