Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dried Walrus Meat is Good for You

This blog is one of my distractions.  Something changed in her life, and she writes less often ... but, whew, does she write clearly!  I have no problem interpreting her meanings.

It may only be good through today, if not disabled already, but I used this coupon code last night - 50OFF4BF - on Hot Topic dot com.  They have some sales going on - BOGO 50% off, etc. - but then at the checkout you put that code in.  Gives you 50% off the entire order.  I got some Christmas presents.  Gross amount would have been like $213, but I paid $80-something.  Digging it.

Going to see Trans Siberian Orchestra at 300PM today.  Shoot.  Me.  Now.

Still kinda sorta watching the Israel-Gaza thing.  Too funny.  Hamas declares victory, and Iran congratulates them.  They all must have eaten brain-tumor pie.  Gaza lobs a bunch of missiles eastward, which is all their guidance systems can figure - point and shoot.  Israel kills their military leader, precision bombs 20-fold, takes out munition dumps and bomb-making facilities.  And Hamas declares victory?  The only victory they achieved was not being killed en masse.  What fools.  Which Monty Python movie was it where the Black Knight protected some small bridge?  He gets both legs and arms cut off, then calls the good guys "cowards" for not staying to fight.  Hamas got their asses kicked.  No doubt about it.  And they brought it completely onto themselves.  They always quit before they get wiped off the map entirely, and then always declare victory.  Hey Ham-Heads, notice how quickly Hezbollah backed up your play?  Notice how quiet the West Bank was while you were running from safe house to safe house in your wive's burkas?  And from Iran ... you got what amounted to a telegram.  These benefactors and comrades of yours give you words and weapons then push you into the field to use them.  They lose some metal and gunpowder while you lose your life.  Morons all around.  Leave Israel alone, and everything will be quiet.  Very simple.

Man did I feel sick yesterday.  Terrible gut pain most of the day and into the evening.  So bad that I went to bed twice just to whimper in private.  Got a restful night's sleep, and seem to be fine now.  I'll just take it easy on food throughout the day.

Today is International Meatless Day.  Um, ok.  I don't eat meat anyway, but that's by choice.  I'm not going to pull the stats, but I'm pretty sure a very sizable percentage - if not the majority - of the world has no meat even if they wanted it.  Most days are "meatless days."  The liberal press created some meme that bosses are mean to their secretaries, so some idiot created Secretary's Day, even though they followed that up by insisting they be called assistants with various adjectives.  Hallmark needed to sell more cards so they created all sorts of "holidays."  I love the "[Whatever here] Awareness Day."  I'm otherwise not aware of something, so I need to stop my life to become aware of it even though I am not aware of it because it has nothing to do with my life.  Well, I became fully aware than the Susan Komen Breast Cancer group funneled tons of money into Planned Parenthood to pay for overhead and abortions,  That's awareness.  I became aware that two people in my home are rarely if ever seen cooking in the kitchen, so the junkfood they buy at Taco Bell and other such places ain't helping their bodies.  I became aware that a cold front blew in last night.  Yeh! Cold Front Awareness Day!  Fast Food Sucks Day!  Fine, I'll be nice to my vegan brothers and sisters ... here's a great site - Yummly dot com - it's not just vegan, but the link goes to the vegan filter.  Down the left side you can adjust the filters to your tastes.  But do yourself a favor - don't have a meatless day once a fricking year.  Find some substitutes, and cut your body a break.  We're not Nanook of the North needing to woof down walrus in order to survive the frigid conditions.

Speaking of which ... you can find Parts 2 through 8 on YouTube:

I saw this in film class in my undergrad.  Made in 1922, silent film.  "Nanook" is also "Nanuk," which is the native word for some great polar bear.  A god type thing.  Funny.  They worshiped Nanuk yet killed polars for their fur.  Efficient.  Smart.  The Hindus can learn a hew things from them, and then probably wouldn't have so much dung to clean up.  Oh, right, not supposed to question another's religion.   Whatever.  Logic is logic.

Dried walrus meat has zero glycemic load.  That's good to know.  I wonder if they sell walrus bacon.  It's kinda like a pig, but not really.  I suspect pigs have a lot less fat.  "The special tonight is a half rack of walrus spareribs in a honey-BBQ sauce served with a side of roasted root vegetables.  To add to the ambiance, the water served at your table will be melted snow."

I'm gonna stretch.  Bye for now.

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