Monday, November 12, 2012

Flashback ...

So, Brian wasn't at Radio Shack.  I quietly returned my items, bought a small tripod, and left without the possible self-indulgence of rubbing in the car-battery meme.  I probably wouldn't have anyway, regardless of how much fun it would have been.  I love the feel of a fish tugging on the line.  Oh well.  Another cast another day.

Against my better judgment I'm getting dragged into watching The History Channel's The Men Who Built America.  It's actually quite good.  I love capitalism.  Any one with any sense of pride loves capitalism.  Name me one poor person - one person employed by someone else - that ever gave another person a job - that ever created wealth.  You can't.  No one can.  Anyway.  Sorry.  Sometimes I get a craw up my whatever.  A craw?  Yeah, I know.  Heard it before.  Have no clue what it means.

You know what site I'm digging?  Slick Deals dot net.  It's populated by members so gets updates often.  Sometimes it's just good deals and other times coupon codes.  I got 30% off Land's End the other day.  Love that stuff.  I rarely pay retail.  Seems silly when delay often results in savings.

This episode, still playing, is the JP Morgan/Edison show on the Men Who Built.  Seems Edison was a DC guy.  Tesla was an AC guy.  I still don't get it.  But I do know that AC powers homes and DC powers cars. At least I got that far.  I just can't shake that memory ... I was 16.  Nicholson.  I forget what prompted the unfortunate next action, but maybe somehow or another a plug got stuck in a socket.  I know - that makes no sense.  Anyway, I used a knife to pry the plug out.  Or was no plug involved and I just stuck the knife in the socket?  Something or other ... it's all a haze.  I do recall being very high at the time.  Anyway, somehow the knife went live.  Being left handed, the electricity communicated with my left appendage.  I do recall my left shoulder buzzing.  The yelp echoing through the room was definitely me although I didn't feel it in my throat.  The end of the knife cleaned easily - just blackened.

Brrrr ... gotta go.  Memory too real.

Bye for now.

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