Thursday, November 29, 2012

just writing for a bit

So the movie that I am tuning out just so I'm not considered anti-social by my absence turns to abusing women.  "Enjoy your movie," and here I sit, downstairs, alone.  I tried.

Been exceptionally busy all week.  Quite a few of my cases are maturing to trial for January and March.  Should be interesting.  I know of eight that won't plead out.  Excited.  At least five are PD cases, but that hourly rate is fine, it adds up quickly with trial work - and I'll have to assess direct appeals.  There's two more percolating for May/July that come to mind quickly.  Could I really crank through twice that many trials in 2013?  That's a lot for the community within which I practice. Some clients just have no reason to plead -  straight forward innocent, government case is weak, or prior record dooms that to long prison stint regardless of plea deal.  Perfect storm on the horizon.

I really want to figure out a recipe.  Cauliflower and black vinegar.  This one is close, I think.  The bit I learned is roasting the cauli.  My first thought was pan frying it.  No, it didn't work, thank you very much.  I can't find black vinegar around here anywhere.  I know I can get it online, but I thought at least Wegmans would have it ... nope.  So I just wanted to see how it came out anyway.  Used balsamic.  No, it didn't work, thank you very much.  But now I will roast it.  I'l do the linked recipe just as it is, then I'll figure out how to incorp black vinegar.  One other thing - Kimshee Crema - whatever the hell that is,  I think it was just the sauce stuff on the plate done like fancy people do it - just a little bit and swirled.  But I can't find anything by that name.  Seems to be this ... was a vegan restaurant, so the "Crema" is probably just a cow-juice substitute, maybe for cream or heavy cream.  The "Kimshee" is probably nothing more than the flavoring of kimchi.  It wasn't strong.  I think it looked green, thick.  I can do this.  I'm sure of it.  Pretty sure.  Maybe.  I'll let you know.

My stomach was bothering me again last night and then today.  Nowhere near as badly as before.  That doubled me over.  This just pissed me off.  Got in my way.  Anyway ...

I don't know why I can't let go of that cauliflower recipe.  I guess because my first attempt was a miserable failure from every perspective.  It was like I murdered the vegetable.  Should've taken the cooked remains out on a gurney with a napkin drawn over it.  This is a picture of what I'm trying to get to - same restaurant.  Yeah, it's roasted.  Pan fried ... what the hell was I thinking?  But that mentions smoked mustard.  Maybe they just alternate the spices or whatever.  I find this kinda variant.  I can do this.  I can.  Ayep.

Hunh.  Free beer.  Neat.

Look at these idiots - this is the Iranian submarine fleet?  We can buy bigger submarines at Toys-R-Us.  What d'ya think - maybe six guys laying down would fill the fricking thing?  How did the world use up all its intelligence?  I didn't realize the Brain Pool was draining so quickly.

Tired ... bye for now.

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