Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rambling again

Just saw a Kit Kat (candy bar) commercial.  They're still working that crunch-sound meme they introduced a few years ago.  Time to change ad agencies, boys?

I saw some headline where the BBC was apologizing because they ran a picture of some lost tribe of whatevers - naked whatevers - and apparently the Beeb photoshopped clothes onto them before they published the pic.  Apologized?  Would you rather seeing the unbathed uncircumsized lice-infested bodies of virtual Neanderthals in their full glory as you otherwise sought an afternoon's reprieve in crumpets and tea?  I think the Beeb did everyone a favor.  What if one of their soldiers was standing at attention?  Can we all stop apologizing around here?

Did you see that Michigan's governor "won't rule out" dissolving Detroit?  Ocean acidification dissolves the shells on snails.  Are the two related?  Speaking of such things, have the oceans started to recede now that Obama's been in office just shy of four years?  I don't live close enough to the shore to know.  I sure hope the waters are receding.  Sounds important.

This is a watch I'd buy if I needed a watch, which I don't so I won't.

Although this listing is Amazon-UK, it's the first time I've noticed "region-free" mentioned with DVDs.  I knew that Europe was one region and the US another - DVDs were incompatible between the two.  But I guess "region-free" means they've finally synced the software and firmware that runs DVD Players.  But to do that, one would think the current DVD players would have to play legacy DVDs, otherwise the region-specific DVDs might be unplayable.  But if they make DVDs region-free then the players would need to be, too.  And that suggests that the players could be interchangeable from Europe to here - and therefore an American player could legacy-in a region-specific DVD from Europe.  Right?

I haven't decided if I'm buying myself a Christmas present this year.  If I do, it'll be this.  I can't remember if I did anything for me last year, but pretty sure I didn't.  I do remember that I did not go to the movies at Christmastime.  I usually see a movie in the theater once a year at Christmas, but I guess nothing interested me then.  The Lincoln movie looks good.  Maybe I'll see that.  Dang, I guess it's been more than just a year - just pulled Sherlock Holmes.  That's the last movie I saw in a theater - 2009.  Hunh.  Guess I missed 2010, too.  Alright, I'll go to see Lincoln during Christmas week.  Promise.  Kinda.  We'll see.

Just set the fire for the overnight.  Going down to 23 tonight.  That's not too cold, but I'm still getting used to freezing temps.  I'll get another cord of wood in January - already talked to the older guy that delivers it.  So far, however, the furnace hasn't turned on except for a couple of minutes on two occasions.  Don't have quite two cords left ... a 3d will lead me all the way through.

Alright, I'm tired.  Night.  Bye for now ...

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