Friday, December 28, 2012

Addition ...

Getting a puppy today.  Nine weeks old, border collie from a breeder in Ohio.  Her name will be nee-la.  No idea how to spell it.  Means something in Irish Gaelic; I forget.  I'll post a picture later.

Saw some headline that I made it half-way through.  Muslims in Pakistan angry about some picture.  How f'd up to you have to be go on a killing and raping spree because of free speech?  They think it is alright to randomly kill, maim, and torture because someone put their child-raping founder in a comical light?  Pathetic.  Anyway.

I've taken two days off to relax in anticipation of three weeks of a steady drumbeat ... I have 3 or 4 trials starting the 8th of January.  Three more in February.  Two or three in March.  But let me get through this first wave.  I've spent this time role playing opening and closing arguments in my head.  I feel good about going 2 and 1.

This is an amazing pic, eh?

A bunch more here.

OK, back.  I know you didn't know I was away ... puppy is here.  Ceiligh (my older border collie) wants nothing to do with her.  Dang, it's just like bringing a new sibling home.  I hope Cei mothers her.  We'll see.  She's been alone since Trean died.

Nee-la is mostly black.  White paws, a touch at the end of her tail, and her chest.  Very active.  They stopped at a yarn shop on the way home.  Owner insisted on bringing the puppy in.  Nee chased their dog through the whole store, then pissed in front of the cash register.  For good measure, she took a dump at the door on the way out.  I like her attitude.

Alright.  I gotta empty a car, locate the crate downstairs in my bedroom, and do all the household stuff.

Been real .. bye for now.

UPDATE ... a couple of pics:

Ceiligh is warming up to her.  Just had them playing in the yard ... after nee-la (I'll figure out the spelling) pissed in the kitchen.

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