Saturday, December 29, 2012

New idea ... maybe

The puppy's crashing.  Been playing in the snow.  Ceiligh is getting better, but doesn't seem to get how to play with a puppy ... seems to be just another dog to her.  She tries to instigate playing in the same way she did with Trean, who was twice the size of her.

I laughed at the dockworkers threat to strike from Maine to Houston.  A billion dollars a day interruption cost.  There's some old story about the human body deciding who would run things.  The brain, heart, and eyes all laid out cogent arguments for why they were best suited.  The anus spoke up.  All the other organs dismissed him.  So he stopped working.  You fill in the blanks.

It's gonna snow for a few more hours.  I already cleared the driveway once ... will make the final cleanup quick.

Oh, yeah ... so the puppy was getting walked on a lead in the backyard last.  An owl swooped down for a meal, then pulled back when s/he realized it wasn't an easy grab with a human there.  The shadow passed overhead without incident.

Looks like Boston might get 6 to 12 out of this storm later tonight.  I remember how weather changed when I went to undergrad in NH.  The first snow storm that Winter of 77/78 was sideways - the entire storm.  Dumped two feet.  Never saw that before.  We were just off the Merrimack River.  The campus straddled Manchester and Hooksett.  2500 North River Road?  Sounds right.  Called Southern New Hampshire University now.  Too funny ... sitting in the living room last night, and SNHU had a commercial.  First I'd ever seen down here.  Dang, the school's gotten expensive. Must have a pretty high opinion of itself these days.  When I went there we called it "Dollar Eddy's Daycamp."  And the cores for my major are the same as when I graduated in 1981.  Odd.  In fairness, the school did me right.  Glad it's been successful.

I'd like to create a reality show to see if I can get one of these idiot networks to bite.  Let's see ... cutting down trees is gone.  Fishing is done.  Driving a truck is taken.  Being fifth-generation inbred is done, too.  What else is taken?  Being a skank in stupid and mean family.  There's that other group - dancing, singing.  Fixing stuff.  Picking stuff.  Running a pawn shop.  Geez ... anything left to get a show?  I know!  Remember the old Divorce Court?  I think they tried a remake of it.  How about Custody Court?  Treating kids like pawns.  Stomping on ex-partners like they're blood enemies.  Grandparents ripping away kids.  Crack whores pumping out kids like muffins at a bakery.  Absent fathers.  Imprisoned parents.  Child support wars.  Welfare programs.  Whew!  Can I copyright this idea?  Oh yeah - Digital Millennium Copyright Act - it's circled-c'd automatically!  OK.  I hereby claim copyright to Custody Court!  We'd track 3 or 4 cases at a time to hit the whole demographic.  We could even have a kid kidnapped!  It could be a full soap opera!  I love the crack-whore angle ... hunh.  Gotta think this through.  I have a ton of files with details ... with the vast majority of it public record.  To whom do I pimp this?

Alright, snow-pushing time.  Bye for now.

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