Saturday, January 26, 2013

4 of 6 words

Bought this today. .45 caliber.  Got two clips.  Have one with practice rounds; one with hollow points.  Hit the meat of the target ... should take out a chuck the size of small roast.  Fits nicely.  Nice balance.  Will practice with it next weekend. Like it.  If'n you think you can enter my home, just remember that you won't walk out.

TV on in the background.  Celebrity ghost stories or something.  I guess we're supposed to buy into more because people that can regurgitate scripts written by other people and do so with a range of affect are somehow more believable that the traditional trailer-park trash that relate these stories.  Hunh.  Not sure if I buy into that theory.  His sister was misdiagnosed, but she got his letter.  Oh, he didn't tell anyone about that letter.  And she's pointing at her teeth.  Seems so real.  He just breathed heavily.  The lights flicker when she's around.  Ok then.  Best of luck with that. Let me know how it works out for you.

Do I believe in ghosts?  Well, I am a Christian, and thus I accept an afterlife. Does that include ghosts that can contact us now?  It includes something I don't understand - an afterlife.  So the form of an afterlife - ghosts or otherwise - is beyond my knowledge.  I've heard enough stories of folks experiencing things unexplainable, and some stories very close to me.  So are there ghosts that contact us?  Dunno.  Doesn't concern me.  My life is protected by angels every day at every moment.  Nothing touches me except with God's permission, so what comes then comes.  Not my issue.  If something comes along, then I am supposed to experience it, and will need to figure out what to learn from that experience.  But in general I find these shows tedious.

Talapia.  I've only had one person in my life that's made it that I really, deeply enjoyed.  I refuse to eat it again.

I've got a short story in my head.  I need to write it.  I wrote 5 lines recalling a dream this morning.  I jotted them as soon as I awoke.  I'll post it when I work through the prose.  Maybe tomorrow.  I'm not going to just post the dream.  I like the story it suggests to me.

Most of the ads are car insurance or drugs.  I've always thought that the more a company (or industry) spends on ads then the greater their profit margins - ad budgets reflect free money hoping to expand market share.  Now it's a lens commercial, and I know their mark-ups ... just brutal.  Prove this last one to yourself by getting an eye script only from the local store, then shop online for glasses.  You'll pay 25% or less.

News you can use - if you got a picture of some ghost that is haunting you then you take that picture and toss it in a river.  Apparently water helps them move to the "upper world."  I've got to remember that.  Might come in handy someday.

Dementia is hard.

Gotta go.  bfn ...

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