Friday, January 25, 2013

evening chat

Temperatures finally climbing again. 40s soon, even 50s next week. Single digits suck. Will be nice to get a reprieve.

Have a fire going, and sitting with a small blanket on my legs.  Comfortable.

Still waiting for Neala to figure out that the bathroom is outside. Fricking dog goes outside to play, then comes inside to take a dump. Not so cute anymore. She'll learn soon. I hope.

Pretty funny ... Harrisburg gun show to be this weekend. Organizers take some liberal policy - no high-capacity clips, no assault weapons. Entire body of vendors refuse to exhibit. Show canceled. Bloomsburg steps in. Show moved here. Crowds huge. I'm going tomorrow. Vendor on local news "We exercised our 1st Amendment rights to protect our 2d Amendment rights." Got that right, cowpoke.

And they'll all be back in two weeks for the scheduled show.

So Monday is a big day in Pennsylvania. The state university faculty are scheduled to go on strike. 14 schools, I think, including Bloomsburg. Gotta love unions. Throw temper tantrums as regular as poorly raised children. They can all rot in hell. Go on strike. Please. It'll become clear that you're neither needed or wanted.  If the school fishes for scab teachers, I'd be glad to help.  Crossing a picket line manned by liberals. Too funny. I hope they bus in teamsters. Let the locals see the real union face.

Life insurance is depressing.  It's also a misnomer. Your are not insuring life but the end of it. If life continues, the insured event doesn't occur. It's death insurance. I'm dead, pay up. Oh wait, I'm dead. OK, pay her.

I've noticed that I'm being rude to solicitors that call the office. I used to be nice. Now I'm just sick of them trying to sell me stuff. And they don't give up, as if they think they'll find the magic words and I'll give them money. I thought when I saw no, it should be understood. 

Oh well. Enough for now.  bfn.

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