Tuesday, January 15, 2013

the wall

have hit the wall today.  let me back up.

so i think it was friday that i posted that i was sick.  brutal, pronounced as three-and-a-half syllables. i woke up saturday as much groggy from the overdose of NyQuil as from the depths of this flu or whatever it is.  i dragged through the day incapable of making an effort to accomplish anything.  no one took care of me, which is just as well, i guess.  sunday was the last day i had for this thing to pass through me - court at 830am monday.  so i gave it some medicine when i got up, and then informed my body it was on its own.  my feet lagged behind me as i walked at an impossible 35 degree angle.  i bumped into things.  then i awoke monday morning ...

i showered, put on my new joseph a. banks charcoal grey suit, and got on with my day.  it kinda sorta worked.  the pain in my upper gut has just gone away this afternoon.  anyway ... it's over.  no more whining.

oh yeah, the wall.  well, one more whine.  i'd sure like to relax for a while.  not much energy.  DONE WHINING!

i've been dreaming more - or recalling my dreams more.  odd snippets.  a collection of people, including me, gathered around a house.  we had to all lift at once, and when we did a small explosion more like miniature lightning bolts with white smoke would appear under the house.  we'd move the house a few feet, then repeat the process.  we had miles to go.  have you seen Up!  i think that's it.  cartoon movie.  house moved on balloons. so much easier.  i saw that movie plenty of times ... just the time of my life, i guess.  touched me in several ways.

boy, is my mind wandering ... sure would be comforting (i think) to read something more definitive than an undefined pronoun.  even a simple ...


would do.

so i'll be spending my birthday in western PA.  a pro bono client is a life inmate, and has a very important hearing that day.  working to get his sentence reduced from life without parole (which he started serving 16 years ago at age 17) to something that will give him a meaningful opportunity to experience life outside the walls.  it's humbling to be given the opportunity by God to be the mouthpiece to tell his story to the court and argue the law on his behalf.  i couldn't think of a better way to turn 54.  i've got 5 or 6 more similar cases but none have hearing dates yet.

yeah, ok, just lost a few minutes.  next thing i saw was the front-facing camera on my screen - me looking at me - but it seems to be just a webcam thing.  couldn't take a picture.  weird.

laughing.  i'm fighting off trademark infringement from a rock band.  i can't get into specifics, obviously, but it makes me laugh.  we're fighting over _____________.

i gotta run.  bfn.

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