Friday, January 11, 2013


I'm sick. First male in household to get it. All females down for a few days. I'm taking homeopathic black currants and gummi bear vitamin C during the day. Looks good. Avoids the comments. At nighttime, I break out the NyQuil in majestic quantities. I'm careful not to stand as I plow into OD quantities. During the last whole-mouth swallow, my head swoons. Not sure if I'm out before I hit the pillow. I have no recollection beyond ingestion.

I started after the tarantula dream, so that didn't play a part. I've got the weekend to get better. Summary trial at 830 AM Monday. 48 hours of transition. It'll work. 

For now, my body has this anticipatory chill to it. Painful to walk. The former is something I recall from Days of Fear, even when not sick. My chest, shoulders, and upper arms all vibrate coldly. 

It'll pass. I'll own it. My body has little patience for being down. Onward.

Kinda. Sorta. 

The three sickest times I've been in my life have been infections. Was given the "meet your Maker" routine in two of them.  Well, my folks were the first time. I was just a few months old. I guess it's four if you count that stroke thing. 

I dislike infections. I either avoid them completely or do battle. Gummi Bear Vitamin C, my secret weapon. I thrust and parry with the infection demons cloaked in Gummi Bears. It is good to be king. No infection can stand up to the Gummi Bear.

Oh boy, I'm losing my mind. I better stop. bfn.

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