Friday, January 11, 2013


so on second read, the simple addition to the end is "Why?"  as i contemplate such a forlorn interrogatory, the third read comes ... the question no longer appears.  my contemplation continued.

"Why not?"  "Don't respond to my question with a question!
Alternatively, "Why what?"  Ibid.
"I'm not sure."  "That's the best you've got?" followed by a sound from somewhat pursed lips.

"OK.  Because.  Because there's no such thing as wiping away history as if it never existed.  Because there's no such thing as all wrong and nothing right.  Because there's no manner in which to dwell or move forward without the impetus from the past ... think of steering a ship - yesterday's lean to port influenced today's switch to starboard."

Life is painted in watercolors.  As new layers are added, they are influenced by the layers underneath.  It's science.  Or art.  Or whatever.  It just is.

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