Friday, January 11, 2013

dreams back

i love reading these ..



AND NOW, this 11th day of January, 2013, the Petition for Allowance of Appeal is DENIED.

the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania is a court of discretionary jurisdiction.  they decide themselves which cases to hear or refuse to hear.  the per curiam bit just means that it is an opinion or decision of the court without attribution to an individual justice - it is the opinion of the court itself ... all justices.

they could be more open with us ... "we've consider your request to review your lower-court loss.  looks like you've spent a lot of time thinking about this.  no, we're not interested.  kinda busy up here.  we got lives, too, understand?  sucks to be you."

of course, their refusal is never anchored in such dirt.  they're a serious bunch up there.  refusing a case results, typically, because they agree with you losing.  sometimes they want a better case than yours with which to make new law via their opinion.  in the end result, it doesn't matter why, it just sucks to be you.

so what if we could exercise discretionary jurisdiction in our personal lives?  they'd be great!

"i appreciate your request to pay my electric bill this month.  we've discussed it as a family, and have decided to deny your request."  or, simply:



AND NOW, this 11th day of January, 2013, the Petition for Payment of the Electricity Invoice is DENIED.

think about it ... we could take it a step further and erase history!  



AND NOW, this 11th day of January, 2013, the Petition for Erasure of All Events occurring by and between the Parties during the period beginning November 1, 2004, and to the present is GRANTED.

nice.  i'm digging it.

ah, but reality sets in.  the electricity gets shut off, and you see the line of a face.  so much for per curiam Orders.

it was a nice thought, though, eh?

obviously, then, someone needs to lead somewhere based upon the lack of an erasure.

oh!  remember i discussed dreams and my lack thereof?  yesterday morning i awoke with a dream still fresh.  very interesting ... in my dream ...

i walked into my basement.  my arms were slightly away from my sides.  i was wearing a long-sleeve jean shirt, my jp petermen leather vest, and jeans.  i stopped on the stairs and looked around.  a richly hued brown tarantula jumped onto my right arm, and slowly walked towards my neck.  two smaller ones jumped onto my left arm close to the wrist, joined by a third on my right - all three didn't move.  i shook off all the smaller ones with intensity.  the larger one continued her slow pace towards my neck.  i brushed her off.  i looked around the cellar then turned back upstairs.

deeper now into the basement another day.  same thing.  these spiders leapt on my arms as soon as i stopped walking. four smaller ones now, all still, as well as the large one, slowly advancing. i get rid of them with a "brrrr" and leave.

third time.  late afternoon.  i purposefully walked to the same spot at the second time.  i moved my arms out slightly.  4 or 5 small ones gather on my forearms (i'm wearing the same clothes every time, although they are different days).  the big one is at my elbow.  she slowly walks up my arm.  close to my shoulder, i brush them all away and leave.

fourth time.  i walk to the same spot.  i extend my arms to 45 degrees away from my body.  5, 6, 7 small tarantulas jump on.  the big one catches my elbow and walks upward.  she gets to my shoulder and turns around.  she's viewing her babies on my forearms.  3 or 4 more join.  they walk a bit but never rise above the elbow.  the mother tarantula never turns to look at me, but it's clear that she is entrusting her most precious assets - her children to me.  i stand for a while watching them play.  i bend at my knees and place my arms next to a box.  the babies march off, some slipping inside, others watching their mother descend my arm.  the mother leaves my arm, never looks back, and enters the box.  the remaining babies join her.

as i turned to leave the cellar, i knew i would be back the next day.

talk among yourselves..  bfn.

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