Sunday, August 29, 2004

Dan-O: It's another clue!! Now the NYC press is preparing us for the big announcement.

Read this article. It's spooky. Did you see it? Five current politicians are mentioned: Rocky and Bullwinkle, W, and - yepper!! - McCain and Giuliani!!

Well, it seems that they don't have any more information than you do about which one is gonna get the nod - but there ain't no Cheney-ator mentioned. You the man, Dan-O!!! You had this story from the gittup. Ya-hoo!!!!! I am like so excited. Not about the veep spot - I could give a rip about that. I mean about your career!! They'll be talking about this for hours, maybe even days!! And it will be all you, you, you. It'll be Dan this, and Journalist Rather that. When was the last time you did anything that got talked about for even minutes? I mean, it's been not much more than a mutter and shake of the head for you lately, Dan-O. A-hem, sorry. No offense intended. But no more, buddy boy!!! Ya-hoo!!!!!! Top 'o the mornin' to you, Mr. Rather.

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