Thursday, April 13, 2006

Russian Monkeys

I wrote a few months ago that Russia would invite itself into Palestine with troops. They are one step closer with taking a public stand for the creation of an independent state. How can Russia push for an independent state if it doesn’t also make available the funding that is being withdrawn by the US and Europe? Iran will be very willing to contribute money, too.

Russia and Iran need to be there with Palestine. The Bible has never been proven wrong in even the slightest bit – and has been proven correct time and again. On this issue of assembling the armies on Israel’s doorstep, take the time to read Ezekiel Chapters 38, 39 and then research it on your own. Plenty of folks have written about it – sort the chaff from the wheat yourself. Important stuff.

On a topic a little lighter than the end of the world …

Wow. Just “wow.” Remember the original Tarzan movies? The monkey? Cheeta is still alive! Turned 74 last Sunday. It doesn’t end there! Cheeta is an artist and sells his work for $125 a pop. Seems he’s got a refuge for primates that he funds. I need to raise some cash – I want an original Cheeta. Gives new meaning to the phrase, “even a monkey can do this.” I’ll get a lot of personal mileage out of a piece of art made by a monkey. I can already feel the angst it will engender among those close to me. Get a nice frame, maybe a spot light. I wonder if I have room to put up those ropes they use to keep people at a respectable distance? I’ll make a sign, “No flash photography, please.” A small picture of Cheeta with a short bio next to it. I’m on it.

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