Sunday, May 7, 2006

Boy Kennedy

My sides are hurting from laughing so much. I love it when the press tries to paint a tragic figure. This boy is a complete a-hole. No sympathy.

The quotes:

"Most people feel sorry for him because he's obviously troubled," said a veteran Democratic consultant. Troubled about what? Not his checkbook balance. Not his job. Is he gay or something? Are the Christians going after him?

"He walks around as though he has the weight of the world on his shoulders," the consultant said. "He's had these unfortunate brushes with the law and with addiction. He came to Congress with a tremendous amount of promise, and it hasn't really worked out for him." The weight of the world. So sad. So young and frickin’ handed one of 435 seats in the United States House of Representations. So clearly beyond his intellectual and emotional capabilities. But c’mon – “it” hasn’t worked out for “him.” He hasn’t worked out for it. Period.

Brushes with the law? (such as shoving an African-American airport security worker). Wow. I always forget that the rules of civilized society don’t apply to these people. I gotta write that down somewhere, maybe put it in my wallet.

Okay. Let’s not nit pick. Let the boy speak for himself. "I don't need Bush's tax cut," Kennedy shouted to a shocked crowd of young Democrats in 2003. "I have never worked a f-----g day in my life." F--- you, son. Just plain, f--- you.

The Democratic operative said: "He's like the boss' son who sort of falls into the family business and doesn't really belong." A little honesty, thank you. But a big correction – running the United States of America is not the Kennedy’s family business. And, well, f--- you for thinking it is.

Another D.C. Democrat, "I felt he has always been striving to live up to people's expectations of what a Kennedy should be. The weight of that must be tremendous." “What a Kennedy should be” … what a great phrase. Let’s see. Drunk. Yes, that has to be first. A murderer comes to mind – Keg Head Ted and the Girl that wouldn’t Float, and that Michael whatever that uses Kennedy as his maiden name and wrapped the 4 Iron around that young girl’s head. Rapist applies. Not a pilot – no, they tried that, didn’t work.

There must be more. But even with this short list, I can see the guy’s point – such a tremendous weight. I almost - but not quite - feel sorry for the poor guy.

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