Friday, May 12, 2006

One-handed typists

Wanna increase site traffic? Write a post using a misspelling for a sexual act. Instead of “masturbate”, try “masterbait” – as in MasterBait Fishing Lures. You can hide behind a false wall of innocence whilst the spelling-challenged amongst us go in search of their prurient interests.

Recent searches have been masterbation methods, large masterbaiting toys, how to masterbait, average amount of times a male masterbaits, girls masterbait, masterbaiting advice, girls that like to masterbait, how do I masterbait the right way, masterbait properly, masterbait with a broom, how to masterbait with shower head, and naked masterbaiters.

It’s comforting, on some level, to know that people want to research such a potentially sensitive act before embarking, and also that they want to learn by watching how other people, um, do it. My advice? Yes, do it naked. Use the shower head. Stay away from the broom. The thought of large toys is not pleasant – anything that closes the circuit from your dick to the power grid is to be avoided (as a general proposition). Get a dictionary.

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