Sunday, November 19, 2006

864-223-1911 Update 2


Previous posts on this scam here and here.

From the many comments I have received to the previous posts, it seems that this guy has somehow scammed the Caller ID function. He continues to call around the nation erroneously saying that he is selling Verizon Wireless service and a few closely related products.

I filed formal complaints with the FCC and Pennsylvania AG. I have heard nothing from PA, and what I have heard from the FCC is even more disturbing.

I have received seven e-mails from the FCC. All time-stamped in the 2:00 AM hour, although the precise minute has been different. Here is the full text of the e's: "Re: CIMS00000209571 - Scam in progress. Fri, Nov 3, 2006 at 2:59 AM Reply-To:"

All seven were received in 48-hour increments. The next e was received November 5, then 7, 9, etc.

No text in the body of the e except for my complaint to them.

At least I got a CIMS number, whatever that is.

How sad.


  1. i finally got something from the PA AG. They assigned a file number - Z-001724-2006. Nothing else in their letter to me. I am going to print out my posts and all of your comments. WIll mail early next week. It is amazing that this scammer is still calling people.

  2. hey there - I'm in NC and get this call on a REGULAR basis... middle eastern, indian accent - even supposedly spoke to a "Senior Supervisor"; they, of course, got cursed out, as I had been requesting them to remove my CELL PHONE number for quite a few weeks now... any idea on how I can report them here? Or contact information for the FCC?? This is getting ridiculous...

  3. oh - and mine is SPRINT -

  4. michelle, you have two complaints to make. first is with the fcc, and the second is with your state's attorney general.

    here is the fcc complaint page -

    here's the page for the nc ag, with links for filing complaints.

    happy filing!

  5. I have been getting called by this number on a regular basis for the last 2 weeks. Some days he calls 2 or 3 times, then nothing for several days. His usual speil goes something like 'Hello! I am calling on behalf of Sprint. Your number was selected for a FREE cell phone! All you need to do is sign a contract for 2 years." The first couple of times I listened for a bit and told him 'Guy, I am on a cell phone. You just called one. I have a 2 year contract for less than your 'deal'... and my phone was free.'

    The first time he apologized and said okay goodbye. The next few times I told him to stop calling because I already said no and won't say yes any time soon. The last time I answered their call was 2 days go. I didn't even let him talk. I just said 'Look, I don't want your crappy phone and I don't want you to call me again. Thank you' and hung up. My phone just rang again.. yep, guess who.

  6. I was constantly receiving calls starting in October..A man with an Indian sounding accent told me his name was Alex from Sprint. I told him repeatedly to stop calling me. Everytime my husband or I answered the phone it was this same "Alex" person. The last call I got was on Thanksgiving and it was a lady this time w/ the same accent. I filed complaints with the FCC, FTC and my attorney general. I just received a copy of a letter from Sprint addressed to the FCC regarding my complaint. It says that 864-223-1911 wasn't listed for Sprint. The number was last assigned as a residential phone number, but is now no longer in service. THIS IS A SCAM! This scammer is also impersonating himself as a Verizon Wireless rep. They are still investigating.

  7. He is still at it called me tonight in Washington State, I just hung up...Hope he calls again cause I will report him then, he does need to learn to speak better. I might try play along for a while speaking some strange language..

  8. I noticed a missed call from this same phone number today. Something seemed odd about the number, so I researched it on the internet and found this thread......looks like this person(s) is still up to the same old scam.

  9. I made this post on your first blog, but figured I would again on this one. He called me three times today, two of which I answered. I googled the number after calling it back to find it was invalid. He hung up on me today when I asked him if I could get removed from his calling list. If he calls back I will try to be nice and get some information out of him regarding himself or a callback number - I'll pretend I'm busy but very interested.