Saturday, May 12, 2007

Linda Mason, Immutably Yours

I have such a problem with liberals. They are just so self-righteous. They condemn others in a heartbeat, yet never look at their own statements. This chick, Linda Mason, does an interview. She is the CBS News Senior Vice President, Standards and Special Projects. One would think she would be hyper-sensitive to politically correct speech. Guess not.

Check out this excerpted Q&A. The link gives the entire interview. The funny thing is that the guy conducting the interview is also from CBS – so, this is like walking into a public bathroom and catching a corporation masturbating. Disgusting. Well, disgusting only because it is CBS, a tic-infested f—ktard with facial lesions usually reserved for lepers. Now, if upon entering that same public den of inequity (read, “Pee Wee’s Playhouse”), one spotted in the act of masturbation, say, a private foundation dedicated to spreading [intentional word choice] the advanced art of cheerleading, then perhaps one could trade the oh-my-it’s-CBS-I’m-going-to-puke for par-TY TIME!

Enough sidelines … onward.

Brian Montopoli: “You told me, a little while back, that you were "the first woman at every job I had at CBS News." And that includes in 1971, when you were the first female field producer for The CBS Evening News With Walter Cronkite. I'm curious your take on Katie Couric's experience as the first solo female nightly news anchor.”

Linda Mason: “I'm just surprised at how, almost 30 years after I worked on the "Evening News" as the first woman producer, that Katie is having such a tough time being accepted by the public, which seems to prefer the news from white guys, and now that Charlie's doing so well, from older white guys. I guess they want the reassurance of a Walter Cronkite.” [Emphasis added]

White guys? White guys?

Here’s an extension of Linda’s statement: “I’m just surprised at how … Johnny is having such a tough time being accepted by the public, which seems to prefer its basketball from black guys, and now that Kobe's doing so well, from sexually aggressive black guys.

Again: “I’m just surprised at how … Johnny is having such a tough time being accepted by the public, which seems to prefer its scientists be Asian guys, and now that Wingnut's doing so well, from older Asian guys.

And one more for good measure: “I’m just surprised at how … Johnny is having such a tough time being accepted by the public, which seems to prefer its cab drivers be Middle Eastern guys, and now that Akmed's doing so well, from balding Middle Eastern guys.

Gee, Linda, do you think that it is really an immutable condition that causes all of this? Maybe, just maybe, basketball represents a way out of difficult economic circumstances? Maybe Asian culture places a higher value on succeeding academically? Maybe driving a cab and driving a camel aren’t all that different?

Maybe, just maybe, Katie comes across with manufactured sincerity? A face without an intellect? Maybe we just don’t like her? Linda, never misread the morning television demographics outside their niche. Stupid. You should know better. Katie lacks and will never achieve credibility outside the coffee clutch. Tisn’t a glass ceiling, just the wrong person.

Speaking of things fun but vacuous, I have always loved to cut snowflakes out of folded paper. This site is outstanding. Here’s the drill: Click on “Make your own Snowflake” and watch carefully. The initial folding and cutting of the paper is important. You are going to use this site to design snowflakes that you will actually cut – so be sure to be able to recreate these initial folds and cuts.

Now, move your mouse over the paper. The scissors will have a red dot at the center until you are at an edge of the paper, then it turns to grey. When is turns, single left click – you will hear the scissor sound. Now move the scissors anywhere, and left click again. Repeat this process until you hit another edge – the paper is then cut, and you see the cut pieces fall. You can undo and redo cuts. You can preview, and go back to cutting.

When you like resulting snowflake, hit “Cut some more,” transfer the cuts to a real piece of paper, and decorate! All the way back on the first screen is a gallery button – not much there, and unfortunately it doesn’t show you the cuts to be made, just the resulting snowflake – but maybe you’ll get a couple, two, three ideas.

Continuing on a fun-but-vacuous theme (and one more in-line with Katie), it seems Paris Hilton is about to be introduced to militant lesbians. Lest she think she can buy her way out of munching carpet for 45 days, take a look at her new roommates here and here.

Take your side and sign a petition: Paris is spared a concentric diet or Paris learns that sex isn’t all banging your head on the steering wheel.

Thinking of jail-house sex, I don’t mind wearing genetically altered stuff, but I do mind passing it through my colon. Genetically engineering a silkworm to produce colored silk is a whole lot better than putting fish genes in my tomatoes.

Reflecting upon consensual anal sex amongst adult men, I always love it when liberals scream about raising the minimum wage to a “living wage.” “Living”? Do what the rest of do – get more than one job. Do your own research to understand why raising the minimum wage leads directly and without historical deviation to greater unemployment in society’s poorest folks (ergo the anal reference). This site does a great job of putting the minimum wage into context. There just isn’t all that many folks that make it. Think it through. Basic economics. If your job is so routine as to not require any expertise, then a machine would do it. If it does require any level of expertise, then the value of your labor increases as you gain that expertise. There becomes more demand than supply for your talent set.

Thinking of the idiocy of paying nothing for something of value, this free site makes poster-sized PDFs out of your image files. Very easy to use, prints on your printer – you just cut-paste-assemble. Beats the hell out of paying some illegal less than minimum wage to run a wide-format printer, eh, Linda? Afterall, they do it so well.

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