Thursday, May 10, 2007


Yeah, o'er it froze. No comment. Next.

I'm thinking visuals are a good way to post given my present state of mind. You see, when I write I know that I cannot disrespect the words so much as to force them into nice, safe, tidy little containers. I let them breathe, I watch as they fly - then I describe what I see.

Thoughts come to me, like - who is googling me locally that uses Verizon as their ISP, then out-clicking to my daughter's site? Have I become a site of prurient interest for them? I notice that they bookmarked my blog. And it is several folks, not just one, like a party line of gossips. They read and im each other, methinks.

"Can you believe he wrote that? Did you read the bit about the grandfather teaching his granddaughter to masturbate"?

"Yes, I did! I was appalled! And the one about the crack dealer! Like it was a good thing!"

"And that Christmas Story with the inflatable Santa developing a crack habit, poor thing."

"But you know, I almost bought one of those Lil Reminders. You remember the commercial where the woman gets lost in the parking lot? Happens all the time to me! Well, his post on it was very informative."

"I know! And his three posts on that scam caller id 864-223-1911 have been referred to the FCC to put a stop to that menace! He's really been helpful!"




"k cya"






"oh yeah? FO"





"rufkm? rtfm!"


"yeah, sh"









See the trouble I get in? (In case you need a cheat sheet!) Onward to visuals ...

Speaking of Darwinism in action, here is what happens when you don't eat"

Sometimes folks just don't think when they work - or is this what they mean by "pride in the union label"?

I've had this newspaper clipping for a while. Do you think the California Wine Grapes guy has a basis for demanding a refund?

I've been jonesing for a beer lately like you wouldn't believe. Don't remember the last one I had. I can relate to this guy:

Why do men need beer?

Did you know the annual budget of the National Weather Service is almost $900 million? Here is everything they need:

Yeah, reality creeping in. More words. Better git ...

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