Saturday, May 19, 2007

wife in the crosshairs

Nestled outside Wichita in south-central Kansas is the bucolic town of Benton. It has a population just over 800 which is equally divided between the genders. Somewhere in the cradle of this lazy town surrounded by cornfields, a husband observed something with which he was quite uncomfortable.

It seems he walked into his bedroom and observed his wife pleasing herself.

Now, a real man, confident in his own sexuality, would have silently walked to her and slapped his tongue to replace her fingers. Perhaps he would have asked, “May I nuke that banana to warm it up for you?” Another man may have said, “Mind if I watch?” or “May I please myself right next to you?”

But, no, our guy hops on the internet and googles, “caught wife masterbaiting.”

He scanned through entries such as, “i first began masterbaiting a year ago when i was 14 , i tired to resist but i keep doing it ... My wife caught me...,” “caught once again....... share wife’s pics very discreetly,” “am a man, and enjoy wearing bra's I enjoy masterbaiting whilst wearing them, ... My wife's friends sisters ex husband was caught jerking it in public,” and “Masterbaiting with 9 volt batery December 14 - 12:33 am [Rideit ] [5] ... Ever been caught?” Then six entries down the list he finds, “Standing in a circle, Wonder Worms in hand, MasterBaiting like it was their last ... being caught behind to become leg-spinner Kumble's third victim (OMG, ...”

“That’s it!” he declares, and clicks to the MasterBait Company Newsletter.

Sorry to disappoint you, pal.

Next time, join her.

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