Monday, August 20, 2007

the arc resolves

times come when communication is beyond the capabilities at hand. no matter how much you actually want to say something, no matter how much you toss and turn the thoughts beforehand, nothing comprehensible comes out. to compound it all, it becomes deeply frustrating when the ridicule kicks in, even more so when the ridicule is third party.

i am often amazed, in a general sense, at how one-sided people can be. so wrapped in their own prism, they fail to even care to look at emotion and try to discern what lies beneath.

it is the strength of the prism, i suppose, that aids in ignoring things outside it. strength can come from moving on, finding the respite beyond the present. that forecast allows a person to constantly compare present difficulties with perceived future simplicity. such comparisons allow detachment; they allow disdain.

ironically, there is much comfort in knowing that another perceives future comfort for themselves, even if it comes at a present expense to the observer.

all things must pass, and now is that time.

being finally beyond any residual thoughts of any form or nature or origin or attribution brings a pervasive peace that has been a long time coming. i am glad to be here.

i remember wondering over the years how it would feel to wear this day. it frightened me sometimes, many times actually. other times, i thought it would be happy or exhilarating. i recall sadness, the form of sadness that takes me to the beach. the arc of emotions was deep and wide. i did not, however, even once anticipate what it actually is: peaceful. i feel the lifting of a great weight that has burdened me for too long.

daylight is good at arriving at the right time.

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