Thursday, August 23, 2007

little willie john is noy-vous

Nights can often be a time for filling hours. I’ve written for most of it tonight. Such incredibly redundant questions in an accreditation document. It is as if they expect you to give incompetent answers, so they ask for another variant of the previous question, then repeat the process eight or nine times. Painful. Finally hit the wall.

I’ve been listening to blues lately. Muddy Water’s Champagne and Reefer has a line in it that I have always missed a few words. Somehow, as I was putting gas in the car the other day, it clicked – “there oughta be a law against arresting people cuz they smoke a little dope.” Rather ironic, eh?

Got Buddy Guy singing Black Cat Blues now. I kept on blowing past Buddy Guy as I was stealing mp3’s online because I confused him with that drummer that used to show up on shows like Johnny Carson in the 1970s. Buddy Rich? Talk about a dying breed. And when was the last time you saw some guy come on stage with all the hardware and whistles from Aisle 5 at Home Depot strapped to every possible body part and call himself a “one-man band”? You had to love the small cymbals attached to the inside of his knees. I think the main instrument was always an accordion. You have to love accordions, such happy sounds.

I never liked clowns, circus or otherwise. Very low clown tolerance. I wonder if there is therapy for that. I guess it would have to be classified as a syndrome first so insurance would pay. For someone who liked clowns too much it would be Clown Aversion Therapy (CAT). Clown Anon. Meetings. Bunch of Steps. Calling clowns you got stalked to make amends. But what if you wanted to get closer to clowns? They are (gag) people, too!

It would be like over-coming any other phobia, I guess. They have fake airplanes that you can sit in to overcome that fear. Which I think is so stupid – it ain’t 30,000 feet up propelling like a tossed rock at 500 MPH. And when it is, then I am going ballistic and the federal marshall guy is going to have to subdue me with a stun gun. Anyway, clowns. Do they start with blow-up doll clowns? Would they be anatomically correct? The fallacy in that approach would be instantly known by any clown hater – the problem is the make-up. Grease paint on greasy skin. Makes my skin crawl just typing it. No clowns. No therapy. No, “Hi, my name is Clyde, I haven’t hated a clown for 23 days.” I will always hate clowns, circus and otherwise. Rehab is for quitters.

My twin disappeared for the night and it is really stressing me out.

I wrote a few weeks back, maybe a month, that I quit reading the news. Talk about jonesing! I spent at least two hours every day reading the news. At least. Would use a news site to clear my mind. Talk about irony. I found myself not able to delete my news-related favorites. Instead, I hide them out of sight on the list. Literally, I honestly told myself, “just in case.” Just in case of what? I had it bad. I was going to science sites and looking for news updates. Then I got angry with myself. I stopped watching ESPN because since ABC bought them, there is news at the bottom of the screen often. However long it has been, I haven’t visited a single site in I cannot remember how long. I am a news survivor! Just to test my resolve, when I was driving home from Rhode island last week, I let the sports radio station go into the news cycle. I learned nothing. It was great. What a complete waste of time the news is. Want proof? I heard all this doom and gloom about the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Doom and gloom? It was trading at 12,500! Get over it! That’s a lot of wealth creation over the last several years. Relax. Geez, news – done.

Jerry Lee Lewis, Great Balls of Fire. The movie of the same name is worth getting just for the scene where Jerry lee thought he was being dissed by not getting the last stage time, so he played this song and lit the piano on fire. Gotta love Jerry Lee. Unfortunately, you better write your fan letters soon. I have him in a Dead Celebrities Pool for 2007. Time’s running out, Jerry Lee, you have a little bit over four months before you have to expire. Sorry, pal. Saw you play in Scranton in 1971. Good show.

I think family is funny. So much drama and intrigue. No wonder cheap television does so well. It reflects the lives of so many people.

Little Willie John is so cool. I’m Shakin’ (1959).

When ya touch my hand
An' talk sweet talk
I got a knockin' in my knees
And a wobble in my walk

I'm tremblin'
And I'm shakin'

A-when ya take me in your arms
To talk romance
My heart starts doin' the St. Vitas dance

An' I'm pantin'
An' I'm shakin'

Early in the mornin' time
Late in the middle of the night
Whenever this chill comes over me
I wanna hug you with all-a my might, ay-ay

An' I'm sweatin'
An' I'm shakin'

A chill an a fever
So I've been told
Makes your head spin around
An' your feet run cold

I got fever
An' I'm shakin'

Feel like I been run through the mill
I can't move around an' I can't stand still

I'm so jittery
An' I'm shakin'

Samson was a mighty good man
Strongest in his day
Then along came Delilah an' clipped his wig
An' it looks like you took me
The same old way

So, I'm 'noy-vous'
An' I'm shakin'

Well, a storm rocks a ship on a sea
The wind shakes the leaves on a tree
I'm like a nervous wreck
I'm all shook up
And that's what you are doin' to me

'Cause I'm jumpin'
An' I'm shakin'
An' I'm jumpin'
An' I'm shakin'

Shakin', shakin', shakin'
Shakin', um-mmm-mmm
I'm shakin'

I'm shakin'

So incredibly cool. Night.

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