Thursday, September 27, 2007

Newspaper clippings

I love being taken advantage of. My car needed service – new clutch. Should have been $600+. Came back as $1800+. They replaced everything between the tranny and the engine. I had an extended warranty. The dealership – not where I bought it which was an hour away – denied that I said anything about a warranty. What, I have to tell you? Well, I did, and they immediately danced into this local-only application. I got the original dealership tied in now. They confirmed that I am covered. They local dealership is now lying. Gonna be fun. I can smell blood. I just want my money back. Was saving for a couple of things important to me.

My latest favorite site is this webcam in South Africa. It’s a water hole in a wildlife refuge. The refuge itself is pretty cool - check it out here. There’s two water buffalo at the hole now. I was watching, with my twin, some buzzards feasting the other day. Yesterday, the hyenas took over on whatever carcass was there. The evening shots – it’s US ET + 6 hours – are like chewing aspirin … just the hole, but with the occasional monkey screech as a layer on top of the birds. At least the evening shots are aided with an infrared. During the day, they pan the camera to the “action” areas.

Here’s a novel idea: Humming Bird webcam. Yeah, two words – humming bird. There is nothing there right now, but it would be cool, I think, to watch birds humming. Do their lips move?

Here’s a good starting point to viewing all sorts of webcams. All clean.

I just learned something outrageously cool! Go here and plug in my url – It seems that the People’s Republic of China has banned my website! Fuck ‘em. I hate their food anyway. Makes me sweat and never fills me up. What the hell is a “poo poo platter” anyway? Some inside joke?

Section 4.4 of this wiki gives a host of ways to get around it.

(Yeah, I know, it is not me that is blocked – but all of blogger – shut up .. give me this moment!)

The urban landscape – pics of abandoned shopping carts.

Years ago, in my I’m-a-lawyer phase, I had a Palm handheld thing to track addresses and calendars. That was when laptops weighed more than a gallon of water and their fans sounded like jet engines. Half the use was in a seated position, former colon fully engaged, playing games. Dope Wars was one of my favorites. Buying and selling heroin, coke, speed, pot. Reminded me of college. My high score was something out of sight – like $54 million. I found a version for my laptop. Only played once. Has more drugs. First game was $6.3 million.

Here’s a site I am just starting to review. Seems to be factual stories about interesting and obscure topics. The first couple of stories held my interest.

The watering hole is empty and has been for the last five checks. Crunch, crunch, crunch.

Make your own newspaper.

I’m done for now.

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